Revamp Your Living With  Crestron Home

Crestron Home is everything you need to control technology in your home under one intelligent platform. With their automation technology, you can upgrade your home entertainment, cut electricity costs, level up your home’s security and more.

Certified Crestron dealer for your complete smart home transformation

If you want to upgrade your home to a smart home with Crestron Home, you don’t even need to lift a finger. With us as your Crestron dealer, you can bring smart technology into your property while leaving the hard work to our technicians in Orange County.

We will be happy to plan and oversee your smart home project from the ground up. Here’s what our technicians can do for your place:

  • Set up and connect Crestron video-audio solutions, locks, shades, lights, control units and other products
  • Program Crestron software and devices
  • Adjust the configurations to match your lifestyle
  • Guide you and your family through the use of Crestron systems
  • Update and troubleshoot your systems
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What makes us the best Crestron Home residential dealer for your project is that we always add a personal touch to smart home systems. There are no default settings for a personalized home. That’s why we adjust all Crestron products to your and your family’s specific needs.

Let’s get started with your residential project. A free quote marks the beginning of your Crestron Home journey!

A more energy-efficient place

If you are concerned about soaring energy prices and bills that come out of left field, Crestron Home has a lot of upgrades that you will love. The brand’s thermostats, smart shades and lights are a perfect blend to make your home more efficient. Set indoor temperature levels and control your shades to prevent heat loss. When the next bill comes up, you will be surprised by how smart home systems can help you save.

Crestron thermostats, shades and lights are also great for creating a comfortable home ambiance. As a Crestron dealer, we can set them all up in your place so that you can adjust your home’s mood to any occasion and Orange County climate.

A safer place

With Crestron Home security integration, it’s easy to secure your property and control access. Whether at home or thousands of miles away, you can check out surveillance footage, close gates and turn on/off lights using a control system. Your family can now feel safe.

A smarter place

While all those products may seem like a bunch of systems and software, it doesn’t mean they are hard to control. All the smart home manipulations can be carried out with a single control unit as you enjoy the convenience of the Crestron Home app, tabletop or wall-mounted touch screen. Adjust your home’s entertainment, security and environment manually or set automated schedules for each day.

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Create your dream movie-watching space with the Crestron Home theater system

If you’re always excited about watching movies but don’t like crowded places, why not bring your at-home cinematic experience to the next level? You don’t have to spend hours in an uncomfortable seat or be distracted by someone’s giggling. With the Crestron Home theater, you can enjoy your favorite movies with the ultimate comfort at any time!

This Crestron’s godsend feels like it takes you on a private jet journey, where you are the only one who decides whether there will be any passengers. But if you want to get everything in great style, you shouldn’t entrust your home theater project to an amateur. A professional Crestron Home cinema installation company is what you really need to avoid improperly placed systems and distorted experiences. 

Whether you’re about to create a home theater room from scratch or upgrade the existing one, our team is ready to help with every stage of your project. We can make sure all parts of your home theater work flawlessly together and align well with your space limitations and personal preferences.

Maximize home entertainment with the Crestron Home theater

When you turn to us for home cinema installation, you get much more than a comfy space to watch a new rom-com. The end result is an ideal place to hang out with your friends or have a movie night. The Crestron Home theater system can set it up for total immersion for you and your guests.

With Crestron, you will love 4K Ultra HD resolution for crystal-clear viewing experiences. What about audio? Crestron floor-standing or surface-mount loudspeakers will ensure you get goosebumps or even chills running down your spine as you watch the most suspenseful scenes. 

Delivering perfect video and audio, the Crestron Home cinema allows you to boost home entertainment. If you can’t wait to add it to your place in Orange County, we can coordinate every step of your home theater project.

Hassle-free installation of the Crestron Home theater

Do you want to delight in movies on a big screen and enjoy unlimited yummies with the luxury of at-home comfort? Let us install your home theater. Netflix, video games and other experiences are a few steps away.

We can take the hassle out of the technical side of home theater installation. If you have any specific preferences, share them with us. Our technicians will do everything possible to meet your viewing needs.

The Crestron Home theater system is perfect for a variety of places, large and small. That’s why if you don’t own a mansion, it doesn’t mean you can’t get it installed. Whatever size your home is, we can plan and carry out your complete Crestron makeover.

To find out more about this home theater system and our installation services, feel free to contact us from 8 am to 5 pm during the business week. We will be happy to add Crestron to your place, adjust it to your preferences and maintain the system for you and your family!