Smart Living: Home Automation for Your Theater

Are you ready to take your home theater experience to the next level? We're here to guide you through the process of transforming your living space into a cinematic haven that will leave you and your guests in awe. Say goodbye to ordinary movie nights and hello to an extraordinary home theater experience.

Creating the Perfect Atmosphere. The foundation of an exceptional home theater experience begins with the right atmosphere.

Consider the following:

  • Room Selection: Choose a room that allows for minimal natural light and sound intrusion. Basements and spare rooms often work best.
  • Soundproofing: Soundproofing is crucial for an immersive experience. Acoustic panels, rugs, and heavy curtains can help reduce unwanted noise.
  • Comfortable Seating: Invest in comfortable seating options like plush recliners or a cozy sectional sofa. Don't forget about ergonomic support for those long movie nights. 

Visual Brilliance. The heart of any home theater is the visual display. Here's how to achieve brilliance:

  • Large Screen: Bigger is often better. Consider a large-screen TV or a projector with a high-quality screen for that authentic cinematic feel.
  • 4K Ultra HD: Opt for a 4K Ultra HD resolution to enjoy sharp, crystal-clear images. Pair it with High Dynamic Range (HDR) for vivid colors and deep contrasts.
  • Smart Features: Choose a smart TV or add streaming devices for easy access to your favorite content. 

Audio Excellence. Sound quality is equally important. Achieve audio excellence with these tips:

  • Surround Sound: Invest in a surround sound system for immersive audio. Position speakers strategically for optimal sound distribution.
  • Sound Calibration: Fine-tune your audio with professional sound calibration tools or services.
  • Streaming Music: Extend your system for streaming music when you're not watching movies. 

Smart Integration. Integrate smart technology to streamline your experience:

  • Voice Control: Explore voice-activated controls for lights, temperature, and even your entertainment system.
  • Home Automation: Sync your theater with home automation systems for effortless control.
  • Remote Access: Access your home theater remotely to schedule movie nights or monitor system health. 

The Ultimate Experience. Your home theater experience is not complete without the right content and ambiance:

  • Cinema-Style Popcorn: Set up a popcorn machine or a snack station for that authentic cinema aroma.
  • Dimmable Lighting: Install dimmable lights to create the perfect ambiance for different types of entertainment.
  • Personalized Decor: Add your personal touch with movie posters, themed decor, and comfortable blankets. 

Transforming your home theater experience is about creating an immersive, comfortable, and technologically advanced space where you can enjoy your favorite movies and shows to the fullest. With the right setup and attention to detail, you can bring the magic of the cinema into your home. Start your journey to the ultimate home theater experience today.


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Choosing the Perfect Home Theater Seating

When it comes to creating the perfect home theater experience, it's not just about the size of your screen or the quality of your sound system. The right home theater seating can make a world of difference in your comfort and enjoyment. In this guide, we'll explore the best home theater seating options to ensure you have the best viewing experience possible.

  1. Recliners vs. Theater Seats:

One of the first decisions you'll need to make is whether you prefer individual recliners or traditional theater-style seating. Some people prefer the comfort of recliners, while others like the authentic cinema feel of theater seats. Consider your space and personal preferences.

  1. Seating Arrangement:

Think about how many seats you need and their arrangement. Do you want a single row or multiple rows of seating? Consider the size of your room and the number of family members or guests you typically have for movie nights.

  1. Material and Upholstery:

Home theater seating comes in various materials, including leather, fabric, and faux leather. Each has its benefits. Leather is luxurious and easy to clean, while fabric offers a wide range of colors and textures. Faux leather provides a balance of both.

  1. Comfort and Support:

Some people prefer back support with lumbar cushions, while others prioritize plush cushioning for extra comfort. It's essential to test different seats and choose the ones that provide the best support and coziness for your needs.

  1. Features and Accessories:

Modern home theater seats come with a range of features, such as built-in cupholders, USB charging ports, and power reclining mechanisms. Determine which features enhance your viewing experience.

  1. Space-Saving Options:

If you have limited space, consider space-saving options like wall-hugger recliners or seats with a smaller footprint. These can provide a more efficient use of your home theater area.

  1. Budget Considerations:

Home theater seating comes in a wide price range. Set a budget and explore options within that range. Remember that quality seating is an investment in your long-term enjoyment of your home theater.

  1. Aesthetics and Design:

Consider the overall aesthetics of your home theater. Choose seating that complements the room's design and color scheme. Many seating options are customizable to match your décor.

  1. Test Before You Buy:

Whenever possible, visit a showroom or a furniture store to test different home theater seating options. Sit in them, recline, and assess their comfort and quality. This hands-on experience can help you make an informed decision.

  1. Professional Installation:

Lastly, consider professional installation for your home theater seating. Proper placement and setup can optimize your viewing angles and the overall layout of your home theater.

In conclusion, selecting the best home theater seating is a vital step in creating an immersive and enjoyable cinematic experience at home. By considering your preferences, space, and budget, you can find the perfect seats that will make your home theater the envy of your family and friends.


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Immersive Home Entertainment: Top 5 Projector Screens for Ultimate Viewing

We understand the importance of creating an immersive home entertainment setup that brings the theater experience to your living room. Dive into our curated list of the top 5 projector screens that promise stunning visuals and captivating movie nights.

  1. Elite Screens Yard Master 2

Unleash the power of outdoor entertainment with the Elite Screens Yard Master 2. Its durable construction and easy setup make it perfect for backyard movie nights under the stars.


  1. Silver Ticket STR-169120

Step into a realm of cinematic brilliance with the Silver Ticket STR-169120. This screen boasts an impressive 120-inch diagonal size, offering a larger-than-life canvas for your favorite films.


  1. Visual Apex ProjectoScreen144HD

Experience true portability without compromising quality with the Visual Apex ProjectoScreen144HD. Its lightweight design and quick assembly make it an ideal choice for on-the-go entertainment.


  1. STR-169135-G Silver Ticket

Immerse yourself in lifelike visuals with the STR-169135-G Silver Ticket screen. Designed with a high gain material, it enhances brightness and color accuracy for a breathtaking viewing experience.

  1. VIVO 100” Electric Projector Screen

Elevate convenience with the VIVO 100” Electric Projector Screen. Its motorized operation and remote control allow you to transform your space instantly for movie nights and gaming sessions.


Superior Material Quality: Each screen is crafted with high-quality materials that ensure sharpness, contrast, and color accuracy, enhancing your visual experience.

Versatile Viewing: Our selections cater to various preferences, whether you're watching indoors or outdoors, creating a flexible entertainment setup.

Ease of Installation: Quick and straightforward installation means you spend less time setting up and more time enjoying your favorite content.

Selecting the right projector screen depends on your space, viewing preferences, and usage. Consider factors like screen size, ambient light, and installation options to make an informed decision.

Upgrade your home entertainment with our handpicked selection of the top 5 projector screens. Dive into a world of immersive visuals and captivating moments that redefine your movie nights and gaming experiences.


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Ultimate Guide to Home Theater Wiring: A Comprehensive Overview


Creating a captivating home theater experience involves more than just choosing the right audiovisual equipment. Proper home theater wiring is crucial to ensure optimal performance and connectivity. In this ultimate guide, we will explore everything you need to know about home theater wiring, from planning and setup to essential tips and best practices.

1. Planning Your Home Theater Wiring

Before diving into the physical wiring, it's essential to plan your home theater setup. Consider the room layout, speaker placement, and equipment positioning. Create a detailed diagram that outlines the wiring routes, power outlets, and cable management solutions.

2. Choosing the Right Cables and Connectors

Selecting high-quality cables and connectors is vital for transmitting audio and video signals effectively. Understand the different types of cables available, such as HDMI, speaker wire, and Ethernet, and choose ones that meet your specific requirements.

3. Running Cables through Walls and Ceilings

To achieve a clean and clutter-free look, running cables through walls and ceilings is often the preferred method. Learn the proper techniques for routing cables, including drilling holes, using conduit, and utilizing cable raceways for a professional finish.

4. Establishing Signal Paths

Ensure a seamless signal flow by establishing proper signal paths. This includes connecting sources (e.g., Blu-ray player, game console) to the audio/video receiver and routing audio and video signals to the appropriate speakers and display devices.

5. Speaker Wiring and Placement

Proper speaker wiring and placement play a crucial role in delivering immersive sound. Learn about speaker impedance, gauge requirements for speaker wire, and different speaker configurations (e.g., 5.1, 7.1) to optimize your home theater audio experience.

6. Cable Management Solutions

Maintaining a tidy and organized cable setup enhances both the aesthetics and functionality of your home theater. Explore cable management solutions such as wall plates, cable ties, and cable sleeves to keep your wiring neat and easily accessible.

7. Power Management and Surge Protection

Protect your valuable home theater equipment from power surges and ensure proper power distribution. Utilize surge protectors, power conditioners, and dedicated electrical circuits to safeguard your devices and maintain stable performance.

8. Testing and Troubleshooting

After completing the wiring, it's crucial to test and troubleshoot the system. Use audio and video test patterns, multimeters, and continuity testers to verify signal integrity and identify any potential issues or errors.

9. Professional Installation Services

For complex home theater setups or if you prefer professional assistance, consider hiring a certified home theater installer. These experts have the knowledge and expertise to handle intricate wiring and deliver a flawless home theater experience.


Proper home theater wiring is the backbone of a stellar audiovisual experience. By planning meticulously, choosing the right cables and connectors, running cables discreetly, and optimizing speaker placement, you can create a captivating home theater setup. Remember to prioritize cable management, consider power management solutions, and conduct thorough testing to ensure optimal performance. Whether you choose to tackle the wiring yourself or hire professional assistance, a well-executed home theater wiring strategy will enhance your entertainment space and bring your favorite movies to life.

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multiroom music

Turn Your Home into Your Personal Listening Studio with Multiroom Music

Listening to music is a common factor in daily life. In fact, 75% of people who work from home listen to music weekly. On a daily basis, 40% of people have music playing at home while they work remotely. Whether you listen to music to keep you company while working from home or use it as a relaxation tool in your off time, you can make your home a better place for your tunes with multiroom music.

The Problem with Listening to Music on Your Phone Around the House

Most people listen to music on their phones, carrying the devices with them as they move around. However, the speakers on phones can only provide mediocre sound quality. Plus, the battery can run down in your phone, especially when streaming, leaving you to find a charger. Even if you have headphones, you’re still tied to your phone.

What Is Multiroom Music?

Multiroom music solves these problems by giving you big, high-quality sound from carefully concealed speakers throughout your home. You can control what you listen to and where from an app on your phone, reducing the streaming strain on your battery and letting you hear music wherever you go.

Benefits of Multiroom Music

When you choose multiroom listening, the music maintains the same volume as you move between rooms. No more sound fading as you walk away from a radio. So, you can have music playing in your kitchen and on your back patio for a summer barbecue. Or, you can listen to your favorite playlist from only the living room. The options are many when you have a sound system integrated into your home.

Get Your Home Setup for Listening to Music in Any Room by Contacting Us at Experience Audio Video Inc.

If you want to get better quality music throughout your home, contact us today at Experience Audio Video Inc. We have the experience and expertise to install an optimized sound system for every room in your home – even outside. Start getting better audio quality and an improved listening experience now with multiroom music.





multi-room music

Create Multi-Room Music Experience

Create a Custom Multi-Room Music Experience for Your Southern California Home

If you are a music lover, consider your options for listening to your favorite tunes any time and from anywhere in your home. Play your favorite jams on command from any of your audio sources and hear it everywhere from the kitchen to the patio with a multi-room music system for your Orange County home.


Professional installation of a multi-room music system allows you to control your playlists with your iPad, smartphone, or keypad for instant music to suit your mood. State-of-the-art audio systems combined with discreet speakers strategically placed and designed to complement your décor makes your home come alive with music.


The Experience Audio Video professionals have been serving residents in Orange County for over 20 years and can work with you to help you design the perfect custom multi-room audio system for your own personal music experience! These state-of-the-art systems allow you to set the tone in any room of your home. Play a light lullaby in the nursery, some tropical beach music by the pool, your favorite live album in the game room, or some romantic tunes for a quiet dinner. The possibilities are endless with a professionally installed multi-room audio system.


Multi-Room Music for Your Orange County Home from Experience Audio Video

A superior multi-room music experience is waiting for you from the professionals at Experience Audio Video, Inc. We offer home theater installation, including multi-room music options in Southern California to give you complete control of your music playlists and audio sources. Contact us today for a free estimate for your home and have music at the touch of a button in no time.


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Experience Audio Video has been serving Orange County and Area since 1999 for residential and commercial audio, video and security camera  installation services. 5 Star Yelp Ratings, Thousands of Referrals, there is not a better choice than Brian Chappell and the Experience Audio Video Team (License #804783). One phone call and you will know right away the difference in working with Experience Audio Video vs. others in the area. Contact us now at 714-744-4455 or for a Free Consultation.

Home Audio Choices

Have you been thinking about having music throughout your home? There are a few ways that you could accomplish that. You could put Bluetooth speakers in different areas or rooms of your house, making sure they are 33 feet away from each other. Or you could get a professionally designed and installed audio system that is made to maximize the performance for each listening area.

If you decide to go with the professionally designed and installed audio system, you can chose a few options; dedicated home theater, media room, TV sound, outside audio, or distributed audio.

There are different high-performance speakers for example:

  • Freestanding towers
  • Bookshelf speakers
  • Invisible in-wall speakers
  • In-ceiling speakers


Do you have an extra room that you don’t know what to do with? Do you watch a lot of movies? Well then, a dedicated home theater is probably what you should consider. There main benefit of having a dedicated theater is it will optimally recreate the commercial theater experience.

There are different speakers that you could have installed to give you a different sound. The current reference surround sound standard is Dolby Atmos. This system uses multiple speakers positioned around the listeners with additional speakers placed overhead to create a true surround experience.


You have thought about it and you don’t have a room in your house to convert into a dedicated home theater but you still want to have a wonderful movie and music experience. What do you do? Well you create a media room. A media room is a multipurpose space to watch movies, sporting events, play games, or have a drink and listen to some music.

Media rooms are generally located in your family room or living room. Because of that you will want your speakers to match your décor. Some speaker companies will match your speakers to your décor, there are also in ceiling or in wall speakers that you can use so they won’t take up floor space.


As you know the sound that comes out of the tv isn’t that great. It really doesn’t matter how much you spend on or how big your television is the audio that comes out of it will never sound as great as exterior speakers. Because of that we suggest getting a soundbar to go with your television.

A premium soundbar will not only improve your ability to understand dialog, but it can turn a room into a mini theater. Soundbars can sit on a shelf, cabinet, mount on the wall or be attached underneath the television.


Music can play an important part in creating the perfect atmosphere outside. There are some difficulties with distributing audio outside. One difficulty is creating balance and even sound levels so people sitting near the speakers won’t get deafened. The other difficulty is making the music area, so it doesn’t disturb the neighbors.

A well-designed outdoor audio system can be disguised into your landscape. There are outdoor subwoofers that can be buried in the ground that could provide a concert like audio.


As I have mentioned above about the different types of speakers. The ones most used for a distributed audio system are the in-wall or in-ceiling speakers. Those speakers are typically round speakers, but they do have square adapters and some also come in rectangle.

By creating listening zones and letting each person in the family personalize their own listening are key to getting the most out of your distributed audio system. How it works with zone audio is one person can be in the study listening to soft jazz, another person could be in their room listening to grunge, and another person could be in the kitchen listening to country.


Connecting your audio system to your automation system can make it a lot easier to switch from all day entertaining to relaxing. You can even have Alexa programmed for simple tasks as well, like changing the lighting, turning down the music, adjust your shades, and set your thermostat.


About the Author

Experience Audio Video has been serving Orange County and Area since 1999 for residential and commercial audio, video and security camera  installation services. 5 Star Yelp Ratings, Thousands of Referrals, there is not a better choice than Brian Chappell and the Experience Audio Video Team (License #804783). One phone call and you will know right away the difference in working with Experience Audio Video vs. others in the area. Contact us now at 714-744-4455 or for a Free Consultation.

2 Reasons to Choose a Multi-Room Music System for Your Home

One of the many impressive offerings that Experience Audio Video provides to our customers is a multi-room music system. This technology upgrade adds a serious touch of class to any home, allowing users to listen to music throughout the home and to customize their listening experience room to room.

Of course, there are many ways to listen to music today. What makes a multi-room music system the right choice? Here are two reasons you might choose a multi-room music system for your home.

A Multi-Room Music System Gives an Immersive Experience

Music is a powerful thing, and we use it in a wide variety of ways. At its best, listening to music is a fully immersive experience. The listener can get completely lost in a wash of beautiful sound, and if you’ve ever experienced this you know how powerful it can be.

But most home music systems don’t do a very good job at immersive. Your smart speaker can play your favorite tunes and might even sound pretty good where it is, but walk to another room or another floor of your home, and the music is gone.

With a multi-room music system, your favorite music can permeate your entire home, creating the ultimate immersive experience.

A Multi-Room Music System Reduces Music Confusion

Another nagging issue in home music listening is the confusion of a fractured marketplace. Most people’s music collection is scattered across a handful of devices and streaming services both. Your smart speaker may know your favorite songs, but not your spouse’s. And then your kids start asking it for specific songs (Baby Shark, anyone?), and there goes the speaker’s idea about your musical tastes.

In a multi-room music system, you can centralize your library to one database, giving your both control and freedom to reign in the musical confusion.


4 Options For Residential Multi-Room Music Control

Walking from one room to the next as your music follows you is, for many homeowners, the epitome of smart entertainment. With a whole-house audio system, you can gain control of the music in every room of your home.

There are a number of ways to play music in multiple rooms of your home, yet some will offer different functionality and usability over a lower price. Come up with an idea of how you’d like to listen to your music at home, and then consider one of these options for multi-room music controls.

  1. Same Music, Different Room

The most straightforward setup for a multi-room music system is to wire a set of speakers in another room to your current receiver or player. The benefits you’ll get are being able to listen to the same song in both rooms; the drawback is you can’t listen to different songs in each room.

  1. Multiple Sources, Multiple Rooms

To get a multi-zone setup where you can listen to different music in each room you’ll want to have an audio-video installation team plan out the right configuration for your needs. You’ll be able to control your music via wall or remote control.

  1. Whole House Audio

For a whole-house multi-room music system, professionals will be able to design and install the right system for your use. Because these systems are larger and more complex than other types, expect full customization to your home’s needs.

  1. Indoor/Outdoor

Take your whole-house audio system a step further and include outdoor zones. When entertaining, music will seamlessly flow from the outdoors to the indoors, making an immersive and enjoyable experience for your family and guests.






About the Author

Experience Audio Video has been serving Orange County and Area since 1999 for residential and commercial audio and video installation services. 5 Star Yelp Ratings, Thousands of Referrals, there is not a better choice than Brian Chappell and the Experience Audio Video Team. One phone call and you will know right away the difference in working with Experience Audio Video vs. others in the area. Contact us now at 714-744-4455 or for a Free Consultation.

What Is Multi-Room Music And How Can You Get It?

Have you ever started listening to your favorite song in one room and hoped it would follow you to any other place in your home? If so, you’re looking for a multi-room audio system.

Let’s face it, the days of CDs and cassettes are gone, and digital music formats make it easier than ever to listen to your favorites from anywhere, on a range of devices. With a multi-room music system, you’ll be able to do the same in any space in your house.

Whether you want to play the same song throughout your entire home or blast your favorite pop song upstairs while your spouse listens to classic rock downstairs, a multi-room audio system is a must for day-to-day entertainment. And even better? You can keep using those CDs or vinyl records if you sync your home to appropriate players.

With a system that plays audio throughout your home, you don’t want to have to walk to a central control area to change songs, which is why wireless control is pivotal for your audio setup. Modern speakers are small enough to be hidden yet powerful enough to provide the right listening environment, so with an expert audio-visual installation team, you’ll be able to design a setup that suits your home and lifestyle, without compromising any style.

But before you can sit back and enjoy the tunes, you need to figure out what your system will need. These are some of the most common elements of a quality multi-room music system:

  • Speakers
  • Audio platform
  • WIFI/Bluetooth
  • Remote control or app
  • Desired playback equipment according to music format 

    About the Author

    Experience Audio Video has been serving Orange County and Area since 1999 for residential and commercial audio and video installation services. 5 Star Yelp Ratings, Thousands of Referrals, there is not a better choice than Brian Chappell and the Experience Audio Video Team. One phone call and you will know right away the difference in working with Experience Audio Video vs. others in the area. Contact us now at 714-744-4455 or for a Free Consultation.