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Operate Your Whole Home from One Device with Home Automation

Home automation has been on the rise for the last few years. The most recent statistic shows 175 million smart homes around the world with the United States in the lead with 41.3 million automated homes. Do you want to live in one of almost one-third of homes that are smart?

Why Choose Home Automation?

Upgrading your home to an automated one saves you time and can add to the selling price of your home. Among the large homebuying demographic of millennials, 86% would spend more money to buy a smart home than a traditional one. Automating saves you time today and can put more money in your pocket in the future when you choose to sell.

Automation Options for Your Home

You don’t have to automate everything in your home. You can choose individual components to run from a single app or many. For example, you may choose to automate your lights and air conditioning system. Others may prefer a system that opens motorized window shades in the home at sunrise and turns off lights during the day. These automation systems are customized to your tastes.

Control of Your Home Automation System

The biggest draw of a smart home is the ability to control the various systems from an app or central control. App-based control lets you make adjustments to your home automation features from anywhere.

Did you run late getting home from work to meet the babysitter? A home automation system with security components can let you see the sitter at your front door, unlock the door for them, and talk to them to let them know you’re running late, all from your phone.

Choose Experience Audio Video Inc. as Your Partner in Customizing Home Automation for Your House

In Southern California, you have options for home automation providers. Choose us at Experience Audio Video Inc. because we have years of work installing technology upgrades to homes in the area, have the authorization to sell Crestron and Control4 products, and can provide you with other well-known brands for your newly automated home. Contact our team today to set up a time to consult with our home technology experts.







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Busting the Myths Surrounding Smart Homes and Home Automation

Smart homes today are easier than ever to install thanks to the widespread use of secure, high-speed home networks. However, many people are still afraid to embrace the technology of home automation and connectivity. Don’t believe the myths about these high-tech tools in your home. Learn the truth about home automation and smart homes to discover how they can improve your life.

Home Automation Is Complicated to Use

The truth about automation in homes is that it does not have to be complicated. With the right setup, everything can tie into an app on your tablet or smart phone. The app lets you control everything in your home connected to it from your lights and blinds to your air conditioner thermostat. Using the app is even easier than trying to use a universal remote for your home theater.

Anyone Can Install Smart Home Equipment

Installing all the equipment to transform your living space into a smart home is not something to take on over a weekend. The process may require feeding wires through the walls for optimizing connections where high-speed and consistency is essential. For instance, if you want to have streaming movies in your home theater or play video games online.

A professional installer can tell you which elements of your smart home work best over wifi and which ones require wired connections. They can also install the correct connections and setup the equipment. These tasks are so complex that most homeowners will not have the time or knowledge to complete them properly. The intricacy of installing home automation systems is why 60% of homebuilders who create smart homes hire professional home automation installers.

Hackers Can Get into Your Home Appliances

Hacking has been a problem for some smart homes in the past. However, if you have a secure home network with password protection and professional setup, you mitigate the hazards of hackers. Use standard networking safety by not giving your network password to anyone and changing it regularly.

Contact Experience Audio Video to Get Your Home Automation Equipment Installed

Now that you know that home automation is easier to use and safer than you thought, you can contact a professional for installation. At Experience Audio Video Inc., we’ve served Orange County area homes with quality home automation, audio equipment, video systems, and much more. Contact us today to make your home smarter.








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How Home Automation Can Be Part of a Universal Home Design

People want to stay in their homes, even if their lives change. For instance, older people and those who experience incidents that make getting around difficult should not have to leave their homes due to these changes. Universal design makes it possible for everyone to feel comfortable in a home. Home automation can be a powerful component of this design style. If you want a more accessible, comfortable, and convenient home, consider universal home design with automation integrated into it.

What Is Universal Home Design?

Universal home design opens home plans and structures to allow anyone to feel comfortable in the home. Examples of universal design include removing barriers through the home such as narrow doorways or high counters. Anyone, regardless of physical ability, age, strength, stature, or health should feel capable of living in the home as independently as possible.

Why Is Universal Design Important in Today’s Homes?

Universal home design improves the ability of a home to remain a viable choice for seniors to live in. Therefore, your parents who may need to move in with you can comfortably get around your home if you have a universal design. The arrangement of slip-resistant floors, extra clearance, faucets that don’t require extra grip strength, and curbless showers let people who have reduced mobility or strength to easily move around the house. Plus, they can still care for themselves, cook, clean, and more without needing extra care.

Universal design is ideal for helping people to maintain independence and continue to live in their homes. Whether you personally need the design, have a relative who requires it, or want to make your home more desirable on the market, universal home design is a good renovation option for your home.

How Home Automation Fits into Universal Design?

An important part of universal design is automating lighting, cooling, audio systems, and window coverings easier. Home automation systems transfer control of all these systems to an app on a tablet or phone or to centrally located switches.

Automated lighting eliminates the need to change the location of all the light switches in your home. With control from an app, anyone can turn on the lights in the home as needed from their smartphone. The same program can also control home audio and climate control. If you or someone in your home uses a wheelchair, they don’t need to reach a thermostat high on the wall to change the air conditioner or heater temperature. They can use the app to adjust the temperature in the home.

Window shades are another component that home automation can control. Instead of opening and closing all the shades around the home, the system can adjust them as needed to maximize natural light or increase energy efficiency.

Let Us at Experience Audio Video Inc. Help You to Install Home Automation to Improve Your Home’s Accessibility for Everyone

Contact us at Experience Audio Video Inc. to start on upgrading your home to a universal design. We can install home automation in your home while you work with other contractors for changing structural components. If you want to create a universal home design in your home under construction, let us know. We work with contractors during construction to install automation systems, too. Make your home livable for anyone with home automation and universal design.







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Save Money and Make Your Home More Comfortable with Climate Control Automation

If you, like most Americans, have an HVAC system in your home to control the climate of your living space, you know how much of an energy hog this appliance can be. However, there are ways to make your home more comfortable and spend less on energy bills. To start, the best way is to look at your climate control options.

Climate Control and Energy Savings

Climate control systems that let you regulate the temperature of your home remotely work well for saving energy and convenience. For instance, you can turn on your air conditioner to cool the home on your way home from work. Or, if you leave the house and forgot to turn off the heater, you can do so from the app. These means of controlling your home’s climate make it more comfortable and allows you to keep the home at less comfortable temperatures while you’re away and adjust them to comfortable settings on your way home.

Other Ways to Reduce Energy Use

You can also reduce the energy used by your HVAC system in other ways aside from using a smart climate control system. Energy Star recommends sealing and insulating air ducts to save up to 20% on energy. Additionally, schedule annual inspections of your HVAC system, whether you’ve used it or not, to keep it in working order. Lastly, make sure to replace the filters to reduce the effort the system must use to move air through it. 

Why a Remotely Accessible Climate Control System Outperforms a Manual Control in Your Home

Programmable thermostats don’t allow for schedule changes. You could end up home sick from work and your home is uncomfortably hot due to the programming. Or, you have a holiday off and can’t stand to be in the house because the thermostat was programmed to keep the home warmer in the summer. In some cases, overriding the programming is difficult.

Manual thermostats are equally problematic. They require you to make frequent adjustments to the system to maintain the greatest balance of comfort and energy efficiency. However, you cannot control these types of thermostats remotely.

Remote climate control systems allow you to manually change the settings from an app on your phone. So, you don’t have to worry about setting up a specific schedule or changes to your daily life. Or, you can choose to set up easily adjusted programs to make your energy savings effortless.

Get Your Climate Control System Integrated into Your Overall Home Automation System with Experience Audio Video Inc.

You can make your home feel more comfortable and save money. Contact us at Experience Audio Video Inc. for climate control system installation. You can also integrate your lighting controls or music into the system for total control of your home, making it a smart home. Let us know how we can improve your home and your living conditions through automation.








Home Automation

5 Benefits of Home Automation

Are you ready to live the luxury lifestyle in Southern California? If so, a home automation system from Experience Audio Video may be just the thing you need. Not only will a custom home automation system make your technology so much easier to operate; but it also adds to the safety of your home.

Here are the top five reasons to have a professionally installed automation system in your Orange County home. 

5 Benefits of Automation for Your Orange County House

  1. Ease of Use - There is nothing simpler than having an automated home. From setting the temperature of your thermostat and lighting that comes on just when you need it, to automating your routines and monitoring your security system – ease of use and convenience is perfected with a home automation system.
  2. Health and Wellness – A new trend in home automation is health and wellness. Advancements such as a tunable white lighting system allows your lights to adjust throughout the day in both brightness and intensity to enhance your body’s natural rhythm. 
  3. Entertainment – From movies to TV, watch all of your favorites on a 4K display, listen to your favorite music in every room, and more with an automated entertainment system from Experience Audio Video. 
  4. Set the Mood – This integrated home technology can be used to set any mood and transform any space with lights, music, and more. Perfect for a romantic dinner, an elegant affair, or a rockin’ party with the click of a button. 
  5. Keeps You Safe – Home automation is an excellent way to keep your house and family safe. With a simple click, you can secure every entrance, close the shades, and set your security alarm. In fact, you can set all of this to automatically perform each evening.

Ready to LiveA Life of Luxury with Professional Smart House?

Let our professional team help you design the perfect smart house system with all the bells and whistles! Contact us today to learn more about your home automation options from Experience Audio Video.


Motorized Shades

With the intense summer heat can affect more than your outdoor activities. When you don’t have some type of shading installed on the windows on your home the sun can have an unfavorable impact on the indoor environment. If you don’t have some type of shading installed when the sunlight comes through the window it can drive up the temperature in the house. 

There is also damage that can occur from the incoming UV rays. UV rays act as a natural bleaching agent. The natural lighting can cause your upholstery, flooring, and artwork to fade over time. The glare of the sunshine can also be hard on your eyes and health. You will notice it when you are trying to read, watch TV, or get a good night’s sleep. 

Covering the window glass with shades, blinds or draperies is the obvious solution to the sun issue. You will actually need to use the window treatments that you install to realize their full benefits. A study from the U.S. Department of Energy states that at least 75% of window coverings remain in the same position on a daily basis. The reason is because adjusting each shade manually can be a terribly tedious exercise, especially if the windows are hard to reach. 


You can find motorized shades in a wide variety of styles to suit your home décor and the shape and size of your window. Most motorized shading systems can be integrated with smart home devices, like timers and sensors. Using the integrated shading system can leave you out of the equation as you won’t have to remember when to move the shades up or down. 

For the ultimate shade control, you can invest in a compatible home automation system, like Crestron or Control4. That will allow you to sync the lights and thermostats with the movement of the window coverings. For example; when the shades are up during the day exposing the sunlight there is no need to use lamps or other artificial lighting. 

A home automation system can switch all the lights off, close the shades and lock the doors just by pressing one button on your remote. 


 About the Author

Experience Audio Video has been serving Orange County and Area since 1999 for residential and commercial audio, video and security camera  installation services. 5 Star Yelp Ratings, Thousands of Referrals, there is not a better choice than Brian Chappell and the Experience Audio Video Team (License #804783). One phone call and you will know right away the difference in working with Experience Audio Video vs. others in the area. Contact us now at 714-744-4455 or info@eav-inc.com for a Free Consultation.


Smart Home OS

While you have been home these past few months, I am sure you have thought; Can I turn on my lights with my iPad? Can I turn on my lights and tv at the same time from a push of one button? Can I see what doors are unlocked at once? Well the answer to those questions is yes, if you had a smart home. With technology in your home the options are endless. 

Some of the things you can do today with a smart home are:

  •     Control all the lights around your home
  •     Get notifications and video when someone is at your door. You can even unlock the door and communicate with the person there
  •     You can monitor your home security system when you go back to the office


Unfortunately, most of the time you have a smart home you have multiple apps that you have to manage, but with a smart home OS you won’t have to change apps you can just one to manage all of your smart home needs. It really is more convenient.

Traditional smart lighting might sound like it would be useful and they would be, but what if you don’t have your phone or Alexa. Well then you would have to get up and manually turn on the lights, now you have disrupted the connection between the lights and the app. The disruption could also mess with your default settings. 


Thankfully there are home automation specialist like us that have the knowledge to help you get your smart home OS. You may still be wondering what a smart home OS (operating system) is. It is a system that is designed to join hundreds of connectable devices around your home and control them with one platform. One popular operating system is Control4 Smart Home OS 3. 

Some of the smart home products from Control4 you can get are:

  •     Smart thermostat
  •     Universal remote
  •     Multi-room music and video
  •     Home theater audio and control

The best part of having a smart home with an OS is that you can set up scenes. Like:


You can set up your lights to come on and turn off at certain times, so it looks like you are at home. By doing that you can help prevent a burglary while you are not home. You would also get notifications on your cameras if you had them.


You probably have to work and worry about your kids when they come home. Well with a smart home OS there is less to worry about. You can have your front door lock behind the kids when they come in. 


When you are ready for a connected home give us a call and we will set up a meeting for you!


 About the Author

Experience Audio Video has been serving Orange County and Area since 1999 for residential and commercial audio, video and security camera  installation services. 5 Star Yelp Ratings, Thousands of Referrals, there is not a better choice than Brian Chappell and the Experience Audio Video Team (License #804783). One phone call and you will know right away the difference in working with Experience Audio Video vs. others in the area. Contact us now at 714-744-4455 or info@eav-inc.com for a Free Consultation.

Automate Your Home's Climate and Lighting for More Comfort and Energy Savings

Never stop halfway to work and wonder if you turned off the lights at home or turned up the air. Home automation systems regulate your lighting and climate control to optimize your energy savings and comfort. In fact, leaving lights on can contribute significantly to wasted electricity. We can help you with home automation at Home Theater Installation of Orange County.

Stop Wasting Light!

The International Dark-Sky Association estimates that 30% of outdoor lighting in the United States is unnecessary. Examples of wasted outdoor lighting include fixtures without shields that indiscriminately shine their light everywhere instead of focusing it on certain areas. In fact, the amount of exterior lighting the United States uses could light all of New York City for two years! Wasted indoor lights also contribute to the problem.

If you don't think that wasted light affects you, look at your utility bills. By investing in home automation that lets you control your indoor and outdoor lights from anywhere, you can reduce the amount of wasted light around your home. Not only will you save electricity, but you can also make your home safer by giving the illusion that someone is home turning lights on and off.

Cool Off Without Paying Too Much

In southern California, though the climate typically is mild, there will be days when you need the air conditioner or heater in your home. Instead of leaving the central air running all day and cooling an empty home, turn it on when you leave work through a home automation system. When you arrive, you will enter a comfortable home, and you didn't have to pay to keep cool all day.

Home automation systems also can let you change the temperature if you are at work and your kids are home. Instead of trusting your little ones to properly set the thermostat, you can do the job yourself. By keeping tight control over your home's temperature, you will reduce the amount of electricity and money wasted.

Money Savings and Comfort: What More Could You Want?

By investing in a home automation system, you can enjoy both home comfort while cutting your utility bills. What better combination could you get? To get started, contact us at Home Theater Installation of Orange County at 714-744-4455. We're here to make it easy to upgrade your home to a smart home.


How The Crestron Home Automation System Will Help You Get The Home Theater You’ve Always Wanted

When it comes to smart homes, your system will only be as useful as the way it is designed. When you work with an expert audio visual installation team, you know you’re in good hands.

But you still need to decide on a control system that will unite the different features you want in a home theater. With Creston, you have a tried-and-true home automation system that will help you get the theater you’ve always dreamed of. How will Creston’s system benefit you? Read on to find out.

Multi-Function App Control

When you use Pyng, Creston’s mobile app, you can access other third-party apps, such as your streaming services. That means changing what you watch on your system just requires pressing a button, not exiting the app.


You may already have speakers you like installed in your home theater, but will they work with Creston? The good news is, yes, Creston will work with other smart home devices, so you don’t need to replace anything.

Useful Features

Using Creston in your home theater doesn’t just mean you can easily control your sound and visual elements; it also means you can control other smart features to enhance your viewing comfort. With motorized shades, you can make sure no sunlight ruins your view, and with automated lighting, you can raise and dim your lights without even getting up.


A great thing about the Creston system is that it is highly customizable, which means you can work with your trusted dealer and installer to make sure everything works the way you need it to. However, it is possible to mess with your system too much, which is why it’s crucial you work with someone who knows what they’re doing.


 About the Author

Experience Audio Video has been serving Orange County and Area since 1999 for residential and commercial audio and video installation services. 5 Star Yelp Ratings, Thousands of Referrals, there is not a better choice than Brian Chappell and the Experience Audio Video Team. One phone call and you will know right away the difference in working with Experience Audio Video vs. others in the area. Contact us now at 714-744-4455 or info@eav-inc.com for a Free Consultation.


What Components Go Into A Smart Home?

From new construction to renovations, smart homes are becoming almost an expectation for homeowners. But what does it actually mean to have a smart home?

There are plenty of different levels of intricacy and cost associated with smart homes, and all will depend on the capabilities you want and the size and condition of your property. When it comes down to it, these are the most common and expected components of a modern smart home.


No longer do you need to check your thermostat to make sure you’re not spending more on electricity or heating than you need to; smart home technology allows you to monitor and adjust your home’s temperature and settings, no matter where you are. Some systems will even automatically adjust your home’s indoor heating and cooling dependent on weather changes outside.


Whether you want the ability to turn off outdoor lights from your bedroom, or merely to dim the bulbs in your living room while you watch your favorite show, smart home lighting systems will help you keep electricity waste down and will tailor each room’s atmosphere to your choice. Not to mention, remote lighting control can be helpful when you are away from your house and don’t want it to look so.

Appliances and Accessories

Wouldn’t it be great if you could lower the shades in your home without getting up, or even pressing a button? With voice-activated appliances and accessories throughout your home, you can keep yourself comfortable while making changes to your surroundings.


Keeping your home safe is important, and with a smart home, you can link security cameras, motion detectors, and other elements that help you know you’re safe at all times. Access these systems from within your home or when you are away to always know that your belongings are protected.



About the Author

Experience Audio Video has been serving Orange County and Area since 1999 for residential and commercial audio and video installation services. 5 Star Yelp Ratings, Thousands of Referrals, there is not a better choice than Brian Chappell and the Experience Audio Video Team. One phone call and you will know right away the difference in working with Experience Audio Video vs others in the area. Contact us now at 714-744-4455 or info@eav-inc.com for a Free Consultation.