If you truly want to make a difference in your company, you will first have to start by doing it within your team. Thus, one doesn’t consider thinking about it much while executing the same. Here are a few audio conferencing tips to help you through.

Audio conferencing tips for you

  • A courteous host

It is paramount to ensure that all your participants are present at the time of the scheduled call. It is the host’s responsibility to take the time zones accountable and ensure the call’s duration. In case of long calls, the host ensures that the participants are allowed to go to recess. Besides, the host takes care that all the attendees are well aware of the corporate culture and do not misbehave anyway while the call is on. 

  • An appropriate plan is scheduled before the call.

One of the major audio conferencing tips is to ensure that the date, start time, end time, and the participants present in the call are planned ahead. Also, you will need to keep the time zones in concern before actually commencing the audio call. 

  • Use the right devices and equipment.

Cordless cells often present annoying sounds and background noises that may distract the call attendees. Make sure that you are using the right kinds of devices during the time period of the conference so that there is no trouble during the conversation. 

  • Participants are to be notified prior to joining the call.

The mandatorily present attendees should be aware of the date and timing of the call. You must also inform them how they can access the conference call, so there is no challenge in joining the same. Ensure that they have the access codes to enter the audio conference beforehand. The best way is to send them the email notification, estimated start and end time, the call’s subject, the moderator’s name, and the conference’s agenda. This is definitely very significant to make sure that all the participants are well aware of the issues and topics to be discussed during the call so that they can prepare accordingly. 

  • Eliminate the ambient noise

While speaking on the audio conference, ensure you aren’t creating any distracting sounds around. This is because the microphone mics may pick up those sounds, which will disturb the overall audio quality of the call. 

  • Set the goal of the conference prior

Focus on discussing the objectives of the call at the very beginning of the meeting. While the attendees are informed regarding the agenda prior, it is still important to remind them once again. Let the participants be aware of how much time they should spend discussing each of the topics on the agenda.

  • Figure out ways to increase the attendance of the call

Sending a notification via email will help you remind the callers once again to join the upcoming call for which they have already received a notification. Also, connect each and every participant and assist them in utilizing the dial-out features. Indeed, this will help a lot, particularly international callers. 

  • Consider the time zones.

In case you are scheduling the call with participants from all across the globe, you will have to ensure that you must schedule the meeting as per the convenient time zones so that they do not have to face any difficulty. 

  • Record the conference call

Keeping a record of your conference call is of utmost importance now. This will serve as an official document that you can refer to in your future meetings. Also, it will prove as evidence that will further assist you in taking the decisions. 

  • Share the minutes of the meeting before ending the audio conference

Always focus on being clear and speaking to the point while ending the teleconference. Before disconnecting the call, make sure that you are thanking each of the members for their participation and patient hearing! 

Bottom line: 

The best way to commence an audio conference is to have a structured approach, so you know where to direct! Use icebreakers to lighten the mood. 




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