If you want to have a greener lifestyle, start with your home’s controls. Smart home controls and products connected to those controls can help you to save money while making your home feel more tailored to your lifestyle. Depending on which smart home elements you have installed in your home, you could see major savings in your energy bills.

The Intelligent Lighting Choice for Smart Homes – LED Lights

LED lights are the standard for smart bulbs. These lights use much less electricity than older bulbs and have the ability to dim, which fluorescent bulbs could not do. Compared to incandescent lights, LED bulbs use up to 75% less electricity, dropping your home lighting bills.

LED bulbs work perfectly with smart home light controls because you can dim them to your preferred setting. For instance, you can choose to immediately dim all the light fixtures at once in a room to watch TV or brighten one corner for reading or doing a hobby.

Cooling Controls to Chill Your Energy Bills

Automating lighting, heating, and cooling in your home can save you money. Setting controls such as automating shades to close during the hottest part of the day and increasing the thermostat setting on your air conditioner can both help to keep you cool without making you feel warmer. In fact, if you have ceiling fans, you can raise your air conditioner’s temperature four degrees without noticing.

You can also automate your air conditioner or heater to keep the home at a moderate temperature while you are out and make it more comfortable just before you get home. Unlike thermostats with set schedules, you can make adjustments from an app if your schedule changes to make your home ready for when you get home.

Home Automation to Reduce Your Energy Use

While your electricity and utility bills matter, the amount of personal energy that you put into keeping your home comfortable should be important, too. Home automation cuts down on the work that you need to do to create the perfect atmosphere in your home from anywhere.

For instance, lighting controls mean you can stay in bed and turn off the lights in the bedroom. Motorized shades connected to your home automation system let you program them to open in the evening and close during the day to regulate light and heat coming into your home effortlessly. You don’t need to put a lot of personal energy into creating your ideal home environment when you have a smart home.

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