Designing a home theater room

Designing a home theater room? Things to keep in mind

Things To Keep In Mind While You Are Designing Home Theater Rooms

Whenever we want to watch a movie or enjoy that thrilling experience, we always have to head to the movie theater. But, it is not always a convenient thing to do. It is because sometimes we want to relax at home. That is why the thought of designing a home theater room comes to our mind. If you want to design your own home theater, then we are going to tell you the top things that you need to look out for.

Things to keep in mind while you are designing a home theater room

1. Height of the ceiling

If you want to truly cherish the experience of watching movies, then a room with a high ceiling must be your base when designing a home theater room. But, you can even set up a home theater room with a low ceiling like the basement. For this, you only need to go for a large LED or LCD TV over a screen and a projector.

2. Size of the room

Before designing home theater rooms, it is important to select a space or a room that you will want to convert into a home theater. Generally, family members like watching television in the bedroom or the living room, but all such rooms have windows. The latter allows sunlight inside the room, which can reduce the quality of your movie-watching experience. Most windows are also made up of glass that reflects sound and light, so you need to keep that in mind if you opt for a home theater room with windows.

3. The placement of your home theater 

Placement of your home theater room will be one of the essential factors that you need to pay attention to. Firstly, you will have to think about the audience. Based on the kind of audience, you can finalize the location of your home theater room. If there is a more formal audience, you can opt for more public rooms in your house for your home theater without worrying about the invasion of your personal space. 


On the other hand, the home theater must be a personal space for a casual and close audience. Therefore, you can set up the home theater room in the more interior parts of your house instead of public spaces. Also, consider keeping your home theater room away from high-traffic areas in your home so that there is minimal disturbance while you enjoy your movie.

4. Planning for proper viewing and seating

You may plan on installing the best audio-visual systems that are available on the market for your home theater room. But, if there is no proper viewing and seating arrangement, it can ruin the movie experience. First, you need to think about the number of people who will be occupying the room and design the seating and the layout accordingly. You must not compromise on the seating as it will negatively impact the viewer. Hence, for different postures, there needs to be flexible seating instead of a fixed one so that people love the vibe of your home theater room. 

5. Controlling ambient light

When it comes to designing any home theater room, ambient light is unwanted. Ambient light comes from the outside sources of the movie room. For instance, the light that comes from the windows and from around or under the doors. It can also be the artificial light from the room.

When we remodel homes, we focus on bringing more natural light, but we need to do the opposite for home theater rooms. You need less amount of light and not more.

Light bleeding can kill the images of video projection. Even the flat screens that are bright benefit from low room lights. On the side of the video projector, you will require a projector that has a high lumens rating if there is some ambient light that you need to control. It is better to limit the natural light in the first instance by choosing a space that has low lighting, such as a basement. On the other hand, to block the light, you can also try using shades and curtains.

6. Limiting reflective objects

Anything but the screen in your home theater room must not reflect light at the viewer, or there needs to be very minimal reflective light. For this, you can opt for paints that are flat or matte. Shiny hinges, doorknobs, countertops, light fixtures, and fireplace inserts need to be avoided in the main zone between the viewer and the screen.

If there are reflective objects, you can reduce their shine by spraying dark color matte paint. With light and outlet switch wall covers, sand them with sandpaper to reduce their glossiness. There, you can apply two matte light coats of spray paint.

  1. Converting an existing room into a home theater room

If you are thinking of converting an existing room into a home theater room, it is ideal to choose a rectangular area. This will enable you to position your layout and maximize the space. It is not recommended to build a home theater room that has a cube-like shape. This is because you will have bad acoustics in a room where each and every dimension is equal.


We have discussed all the things you need to keep in mind while designing a home theater room. For example, you need to select the ideal size and ceiling for your home theater. It is important to limit natural and ambient light; otherwise, it can ruin your movie experience. While selecting a space, opt for a rectangular one. Avoid spaces that have high traffic, and depending on the kind of audience who will be watching the movie, you must go for a space that is more public or personal. In addition, avoid reflective surfaces in your home theater room. To design your home theater in the best way possible, you can reach out to They will help you create the perfect home theater setup.

Smart Home Guide

Smart Home Guide for Homeowners

A Smart Home Guide for Homeowners

Smart homes are becoming increasingly common with each passing year. The reason for this is that smart technology has made all our lives easier over the years. In case you are a homeowner who wants a smart home, then our smart home guide will assist you.

A Smart Home Guide for Homeowners

1. Smart Lighting

Lighting is very important in every smart home guide. You can change the mood of every room along with the dimness and colors just by changing the light settings all throughout the day. The advantage of having smart lighting is the fact that you will not require a central hub for controlling it; you can make use of an app on your phone and program it with the help of a smart home speaker. 

Modern homes use smart lighting as it makes their lives easier. For instance, you can benefit from features as simple as turning on the lights in your front room while you are on vacation to keep intruders and unwanted guests away. Smart lights can also interact with other devices in your smart home, which is why most people focus on smart lighting technology.

2. Wi-Fi

A lot of smart homes rely on a Wi-Fi connection. The two frequently used frequencies are two points, four GHz, and five GHz. The maximum number of smart home equipment works on the former, but with time, it is changing. People are now switching to five GHz because it offers faster speed, and a new WiFi protocol known as WiFi 6E will support up to 6 GHz. It is faster than the previous one. For this reason, it can manage more devices, use less power, and become more secure. Very few 6E Wi-Fi devices are available in the market, but if you want to invest in a new ecosystem, this is something you must consider.

Sometimes Wi-Fi signals go through congestion where they interfere with other signals. Through the use of an app, you can check the business of your Wi-Fi signals. This will help you switch to other efficient channels. You must also consider the limitations of the router. Modern routers can support up to 250 devices. However, while reaching that limit, performance can suffer. 

3. Smart carbon dioxide and smoke detectors

You can upgrade the safety of your home by choosing smart carbon dioxide and smoke detectors. Smart detectors help in sounding local alarms by sending a notification to your mobile phone and others with whom you authorize their contact. This is a good feature for the vulnerable and the elderly because you will have peace of mind knowing that they are safe. It is because of the fact that in case any emergency crops up, you will receive an alert.

4. Video doorbells and home security cameras

A good security camera will always allow you to keep an eye out for your home. Especially when you are not here, it will help you. With the help of indoor models, you will be able to monitor your children and pets, while outdoor models can help detect suspicious movements. Some models, such as Maximus, Ring, Netatmo, and Arlo, assist you in incorporating light that can help you along the way. 

You can also incorporate cameras in the doorbells for monitoring your porch and interacting with other visitors without having the need to attend to the door. The best models help differentiate between pets and people and detect packages at the door.

5. An ecosystem

You can choose among three of the most popular ecosystems that are Apple HomeKit, Amazon Google Nest, and Alexa. In case your abode is full of Macs, iPads, and iPhones, you can go for Apple. However, if you are using Android, you can choose Google Nest. If you choose an ecosystem for your home, things will become smooth in your home.

  • Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa has the most range of compatible products. You will not get accurate results like Google. However, you can get a wide skill choice. Third parties have developed them, and their smart display and speakers are most affordable if you buy them during events like Prime Day. To control Alexa from your home, you can install the Alexa App, and you must keep it open before issuing a voice command. 

  • Google Assistant

It is the main bonus of Google Nest. It responds to your voice commands quickly and is smart when it comes to holding conversations. Also, it can decipher complicated commands and follow-up requests that otherwise confound Siri and Alexa. Android devices are compatible with Google Assistant, and Google Home provides quick access to the shortcuts of smart homes. 

  • Apple HomeKit

Apple HomeKit is quite restrictive in nature when you compare it to the other two. But, for iPhone owners, it is the best choice. It has tight control over the certification of third parties and ensures the proper operation of supported devices. Alexa's Home App is easy to use and elegant, and it has the most secure platform. Apple, by default, uses less data and is kept on the device whenever possible. When you are away from your house, you may require a HomeKit Hub device for example an HomePod Mini, AppleTV, or iPad to control your devices. Though Siri is improving, it is the weakest of the voice assistants on our list.


It is very easy to make your home modern or to upgrade it with the help of smart devices. In addition, things such as smart cameras and smoke detectors ensure the safety of your and your loved ones' homes. Wi-Fis, smart lighting, and ecosystems also occupy important positions in our smart home guide. If you want to update your home even further, you can visit They will help you in installing a smart home theater in your home. Moreover, they can also provide you with a security system that will ensure the safety of your family and your home.

Home Automation

Home Automation: Best Tips And Tricks

Home Automation: Best Tips And Tricks

"Home automation" refers to electronically and automatically controlling many aspects, activities, and equipment within a home. It implies that you can simply control the utilities and amenities of your home via the internet. Continue reading to discover the solutions to some of the most often asked concerns regarding home automation technology. Also, check out some ideas for home automation solutions that you may use in your residence.

Tips for home automation:

You Should return Things if They Are Incompatible with One Another:

If you buy home automation equipment such as lighting, a thermostat, or a streaming device and find that it is incompatible with the other gadgets in your home, you should not be scared to return the item. Some smart house components are not immediately compatible with other smart home components. Perform your study first to reduce the number of your losses.

Research well:

Before investing in smart technology, especially with new manufacturers, you should do adequate research. You must ensure you are not unwittingly purchasing a problem just sitting around, ready to happen.

The Pet Might trigger your Intelligent Sensors:

Protecting your home means ensuring the safety of you as well as your loved ones. But some of us also have other family members, such as children or pets, who need to be taken into consideration. You will want to check that your strategy for the sensors in the home is ready to handle the scurrying of paws throughout the house. Whether for safety reasons or to prevent water leaks, explore the possibility of developing a sensor that can differentiate between people and animals, reducing the frequency with which a sensor is activated.

The use of intelligent lighting can reduce expenses:

Both smart switches and smart lights provide their distinct advantages. At the same time, you may discover that both perform wonderfully for your smart home. The question of which is superior in terms of convenience for you ultimately comes down to personal preference. Additionally, smart lamps are far less expensive. The upfront cost of smart lighting is normally more. But the fact is that it has a lifespan that is 25 times longer and emits significantly less heat when in operation. It means that you will save money in the long term.

Start Small:

If you take it one step at a time, constructing a smart home is not as frightening or overwhelming as it may have looked. Begin with the characteristics that are the most appropriate for your requirements.

Automated home systems sold in bundled bundles:

At the moment, there is a large number of businesses that develop and sell all-inclusive automation packages. With these packages, it is possible to regulate the temperature of the home and its audio and visual systems in a coordinated manner. It is a means to adapt to the modernization of homes, even though its functions could be rather limited compared to the specialized systems installed in each area.

There is Always Something Fresh to Discover:

Every year, advances are made in intelligent technology. So it's a good idea to keep an eye out for the newest and most cutting-edge gadgets. The latest technological developments can radically alter how we live and engage with others.

You don't have to worry about getting locked out if you have an automated door lock:

Automating your door locks can be a significant help in terms of the day-to-day ease of accessing your property inside and outside the building.

To begin, you won't need to carry around a physical set of keys anymore. Second, you'll be able to lock and open doors from a distance. Third, you'll need one app on your smartphone to manage all of the smart devices in your home, including your locks. Smart locks can control who enters your home and monitor from which room they come in.

Protect your wireless fidelity network:

You can find many wirelessly connected smart devices in the house today, from smart TVs and appliances to security systems and cameras. You need to take some fundamental measures to protect the network in your house. They will help protect you and the devices you use.

Learn About the Different Privacy Policies:

The cost of smart devices is currently at an all-time low, making it simpler to acquire a personal assistant than it ever has been before. These smart speakers are on many people's gift lists this Christmas season. As a result, they have access to the private lives of many users.

Learn about the privacy policies of the recipient of your data before you hand it over. Intelligent gadgets can make our lives simpler and more efficient. But the trade-off may be that there is a potential risk to the privacy and safety of the collected and transmitted data.

Join a Group That Can Assist You:

Joining a group on Facebook, a discussion on Reddit or Tumblr, or a private online forum is a great way to make friends with individuals with similar interests, such as smart home automation. By doing so, you will be able to maintain a current awareness of the state of the smart home business by viewing community posts in your stream and receiving updates regarding new developments.

Please Identify Your Intelligent Devices:

When taking control of all of your smart gadgets, you should make sure that the devices in each room have the correct names so that you do not become confused about which room you are running. can provide excellent services when it comes to home automation. Doing this will change your home as well as your life.

smart home

Is a Smart Home a Smart Decision?

If you want to have a greener lifestyle, start with your home’s controls. Smart home controls and products connected to those controls can help you to save money while making your home feel more tailored to your lifestyle. Depending on which smart home elements you have installed in your home, you could see major savings in your energy bills.

The Intelligent Lighting Choice for Smart Homes – LED Lights

LED lights are the standard for smart bulbs. These lights use much less electricity than older bulbs and have the ability to dim, which fluorescent bulbs could not do. Compared to incandescent lights, LED bulbs use up to 75% less electricity, dropping your home lighting bills.

LED bulbs work perfectly with smart home light controls because you can dim them to your preferred setting. For instance, you can choose to immediately dim all the light fixtures at once in a room to watch TV or brighten one corner for reading or doing a hobby.

Cooling Controls to Chill Your Energy Bills

Automating lighting, heating, and cooling in your home can save you money. Setting controls such as automating shades to close during the hottest part of the day and increasing the thermostat setting on your air conditioner can both help to keep you cool without making you feel warmer. In fact, if you have ceiling fans, you can raise your air conditioner’s temperature four degrees without noticing.

You can also automate your air conditioner or heater to keep the home at a moderate temperature while you are out and make it more comfortable just before you get home. Unlike thermostats with set schedules, you can make adjustments from an app if your schedule changes to make your home ready for when you get home.

Home Automation to Reduce Your Energy Use

While your electricity and utility bills matter, the amount of personal energy that you put into keeping your home comfortable should be important, too. Home automation cuts down on the work that you need to do to create the perfect atmosphere in your home from anywhere.

For instance, lighting controls mean you can stay in bed and turn off the lights in the bedroom. Motorized shades connected to your home automation system let you program them to open in the evening and close during the day to regulate light and heat coming into your home effortlessly. You don’t need to put a lot of personal energy into creating your ideal home environment when you have a smart home.

Connect with Experience Audio Video Inc. for Your Smart Home Technology

Get the latest in smart home products from trusted brands like Apple, Crestron, and Control 4. At Experience Audio Video Inc., we’ll work with you to optimize the types of tech tools you need in your home to get the results you want for energy savings and effort reduction. Contact us today to learn more about making your existing home into a smarter one.