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A History of Home Lighting Controls

Once you only had two choices for lights – on or off. Today, you have the ability to maximize the control that you have over your home’s lighting with more powerful lighting controls. How did home lighting become so advanced? Innovation has brought residential lights from candles to LED bulbs. Likewise, controls for your home’s lights have come a long way.

The Early Years of Home Lighting Before Electricity

Homes once had no control over lighting aside from lighting a fire, candle, rushlight, or oil lamp. Sadly, these options provided little light. They also required constant fuel or risked burning out after a short while.

Over time, gas fed into homes allowed for better light after dark, and rose to popular use in 19th-century middle-class homes. However, gas lighting had its downsides, which included smoke, blackened walls, soot, and occasional explosions. These lights gave way to electrical light bulbs.

Electricity and Home Lighting Controls

Electricity brought greater safety, brighter lights, and easier control over light fixtures into homes. People could turn lights on or off with the push of a button or the flip of a switch. Incandescent bulbs also allowed for connection to dimmer switches that could change the lighting from bright for studying to low for watching movies. However, incandescent lights were not very energy efficient, and controls still required someone to move into each room to adjust the lights.

Modern Home Lighting Controls from Wall Panels or Apps

Today, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology allow for the operation of home lights from anywhere. You can use advanced lighting controls to preprogram lighting moods in each room of your home. When you select the mood in the app or on a wall panel, you adjust all the lights at once to that setting. For instance, you can push a single button to dim lights to the perfect level for watching movies in your home theater. Or, you can brighten task lights in the kitchen to give you more light while cooking without adding glare to nearby rooms. App controls even allow you to change your home’s lighting from your car, the office, or while on vacation.

Upgrade Your Home Lighting Controls to the Latest Options with Experience Audio Video Inc.

Don’t wait until today’s lighting controls become passee. Invest in modern lighting technology to give yourself more control over your home’s environment than you’ve ever had before. Contact Experience Audio Video Inc. to upgrade your Southern California home’s lighting system and controls.



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Make Your Property Safer with Home Security Cameras

Residential burglaries are serious, and for the thieves, they can be big business. In 2020, the average stolen value of goods and money from home burglaries during the day was $200,512. At night, the average amount of stolen property from homes was $197,733, according to FBI statistics. Don’t let the burglars get away with their crimes. Fight back by installing a home security system with cameras and entry controls around your home.

Home Security Cameras to Catch Them in the Act

You will need proof that someone broke into your home to get back your goods and help the police with the case. Clear video footage of the crime can help tremendously. Home security systems have a variety of camera options. Work with video professionals to find the right cameras to capture views of criminals entering your home most clearly.

Remote Home Entry

You don’t need to rely on manual locks anymore. It’s far too easy for someone to get a copy of a key to your home. Instead, use remote entry combined with cameras to only allow people authorized to be on your property inside. You can see whether the door knocker is really a delivery person or someone who shouldn’t be there by looking at the camera footage from your phone.

Even if you’re not at home, you still have control over who gets inside. You don’t need to give your house keys to friends or relatives coming to your home. Instead, you can use your security system’s remote access to unlock your door to let them in when they arrive.

Using Your Phone to Control Your Home Security

You always have your smartphone with you. Why not make better use of it by integrating it into your security system? With an app, you can unlock doors, check security camera footage, and even turn on interior and exterior lights to make it look like someone is home.

Trust Your Home Security to Experience Audio Video Inc.

Your security relies on being able to see clear images of people around your home through surveillance cameras. Work with video professionals at Experience Audio Video Inc. in Southern California to get top-quality security cameras, remote door locks, and more for improving your home’s security. Contact us now to find out how we can upgrade your home’s video and security equipment to make it a safer place to live.



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Listen to Music from Anywhere in Your Home with Multi-Room Music Controls

Did you know that you don’t have to be in the same room as your music player to have control over the system? With Multi-Room Music, you can be anywhere in the house and listen to great music through integrated speakers that seamlessly blend into the background while delivering great sound.

How Is a Professionally Installed Multi-Room Music System Different?

While you’ll find several pieces of advice online for hacking your existing Alexa, Apple, or Google speakers, to get multi-room music, you won’t get the same quality or look as you would with professional multiroom systems.

Better Speakers

First, expertly installed systems use some of the top speakers available for the best sound quality throughout your home. At Experience Audio Video Inc., we use some of the most well-known brands in sound delivery, such as Samsung, Sonance, and Marantz. Your music will sound better than using small pod speakers.

Expert Installation 

Second, we install everything for you. You won’t get an expert setup from trying to DIY your way into a whole home multi-room music system. In fact, we can even optimize the placement of speakers for the best sound delivery. We also can help you pick the best controls for your music system. Options include controlling the music using wall panels to using your phone or tablet. We make flexible sound delivery simple.

Improved Appearance 

You may not want to look at speakers while listening to music or find places to put them around your home. With our multi-room systems, we give you the option of in-ceiling speakers that provide you great audio without requiring you to find places for speakers in your home.

Find Out More About Multi-Room Music Systems and Upgrade Your Music Experience

Reach out to us at Experience Audio Video Inc. We can work with you to create your ideal multi-room music experience with top brands, excellent installation, and hidden speakers. If you’re in Southern California, contact us today to find out more about our music setups and products and how you can turn your home into an ideal place to listen to and control your music from any room.