Smart homes are even more popular than ever thanks to two years of people working remotely and becoming more reliant on their home networks and everything in their living spaces. By 2023, more than half (59.3%) of American homes will likely have some form of automation. Today’s top trends in this area of technology reflect the way people use home automation options.

Smart Homes Integration

Connecting all your devices brings home automation closer to the ultimate goal of homes that have smart components that communicate with each other to regulate operations.

For example, your home lighting system may identify patterns of when you operate lights throughout the house. It may then automatically generate a program based on your current habits. You also have the option to set up your own lighting program.

Another example is a home entertainment system that connects every speaker in your home to your music system. You can listen to music in one room, move it to another space, or hear it throughout your home.

Home Office Upgrades 

After working remotely, people recognized how short their home office spaces fell in their expectations. Consequently, many people are choosing upgrades such as motorized window shades to bring in more natural light or to block out glare. They also are updating their home internet to get wired, high-speed connectivity to their home office to handle online meetings.

Remote Operation of Security for Smart Homes

Security systems that allow for the integration of cameras, door locks, and lights create a robust protection package for a smart home. Feeling secure at home is crucial today. Therefore, by having security footage and other controls regulated by a phone app, people with smart home security systems have more agency in how they protect their properties. For example, someone can see a person on a security camera to verify if the individual is a family member, pet sitter, house cleaner, or another authorized individual. Instead of giving away a housekey that could be copied, the homeowner can instead unlock the door remotely from their phone app or shine bright exterior lights on someone who seems suspicious. Such control enhances both the feeling of safety and home security.

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