Setting up a home network is more difficult than you may think. Instead of setting up everything on Wi-Fi to save yourself the problem of running cables through your home, trust professional network installers to do the work for you. Plus, they can help you decide which of your home devices work better connected wirelessly or wired to your home network.

Setting Up a Wireless Network

Your home’s internet wireless connection is not consistent throughout the home. The farther devices are located from your router, the less secure signal and slower speeds they’ll get. Plus, if you have a 802.11g connection, common wireless appliances, such as microwaves or garage door openers, could interfere with the signal because they also use that frequency. Professional installers will know how to position your wireless router to send the strongest signal as far as possible. However, some things operate best on a wired network.

Wired Devices on Your Home Network

If you have TVs, computers, or video game systems that stream movies or games, you need wired connections to get the best performance. Even if these devices are close to the router, a wired connection will ensure that you have constant connection that your other home appliances won’t interfere with. Video conferencing, streaming, and gaming are all optimized with wired connections.

How Far to Run Cable for Your Home Network

Cable running through your house for your network can only go so far before the signal loses speed. For instance, the best performance occurs when you have ethernet cable less than 100 meters. To reduce the distance for your cable, professionals can run the cable out of site through your walls or along floor or ceiling corners. Don’t try this job yourself. You likely won’t get the seamless appearance that experts in home network setup can achieve.

Let Experience Audio Video Inc. Set Your Home Network for Successful Connection in Every Room

Don’t let network cables ruin the appearance of the rooms in your house. Contact us at Experience Audio Video Inc. to have your home network professionally created and installed. You’ll get better connectivity all through your house and you won’t have to setup the cables yourself.




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