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Video and Sound Home Technology Upgrades

If you want to sell your home, you need to make it stand out on the market. Smart home technology could make the difference in how quickly your home goes and for how much.

Who Wants to Buy a Smart Home?

Among homebuyers, 71% want to have a home with everything ready for them to move in, whether an existing property or a new build. In the case of smart homes, they want integrated technology rather than open connections that require them to install their own devices. New construction options with smart technology attract the interest of 81% of buyers. And for existing homes, older homes with smart features inside them are more appealing to a majority of buyers, 57%.

What Your Smart Home Tells Potential Buyers

Your smart home upgrades convey things that you may never think about to potential buyers. For example, in older homes, smart features show that you have invested in your home, and buyers see the home as more upgraded than a home without the technology.

Another silent communication your smart home sends is the implication that you recently upgraded the internal electrical and network systems. In many cases, you must install new wiring or cabling to support a smart home, so this supposition has its roots in reality.

What Types of Smart Home Technology Should You Invest in?

There are some types of technology to add to your home that will make it a smarter home that appeals to buyers. The best types of technology to choose include the following:

  • Smart security system and cameras for improved safety
  • Smart thermostat for energy savings
  • Lighting controls for saving on lighting bills and boosting security
  • Garage door openers and home door locks for maximum control over who enters your property

Other investments you can make include installing media racks for organizing home network systems, home theater components, a whole-home audio system, and outdoor TV and speakers.

Work with Us at Experience Audio Video Inc. to Upgrade to a Smart House for Better Living Now and a Better Selling Price in the Future

The housing market fluctuates over time but often results in rising home values in the long run. By investing in your home today, you are putting money toward improving your return when you sell your home later. Make your home a desirable smart home by contacting us at Experience Audio Video Inc. Our Southern California team can expertly install the home automation features and much more that will make your home a better place to live in and a more valuable asset.




smart home

Top Trends in Smart Home Technology for 2022

Smart homes are even more popular than ever thanks to two years of people working remotely and becoming more reliant on their home networks and everything in their living spaces. By 2023, more than half (59.3%) of American homes will likely have some form of automation. Today’s top trends in this area of technology reflect the way people use home automation options.

Smart Homes Integration

Connecting all your devices brings home automation closer to the ultimate goal of homes that have smart components that communicate with each other to regulate operations.

For example, your home lighting system may identify patterns of when you operate lights throughout the house. It may then automatically generate a program based on your current habits. You also have the option to set up your own lighting program.

Another example is a home entertainment system that connects every speaker in your home to your music system. You can listen to music in one room, move it to another space, or hear it throughout your home.

Home Office Upgrades 

After working remotely, people recognized how short their home office spaces fell in their expectations. Consequently, many people are choosing upgrades such as motorized window shades to bring in more natural light or to block out glare. They also are updating their home internet to get wired, high-speed connectivity to their home office to handle online meetings.

Remote Operation of Security for Smart Homes

Security systems that allow for the integration of cameras, door locks, and lights create a robust protection package for a smart home. Feeling secure at home is crucial today. Therefore, by having security footage and other controls regulated by a phone app, people with smart home security systems have more agency in how they protect their properties. For example, someone can see a person on a security camera to verify if the individual is a family member, pet sitter, house cleaner, or another authorized individual. Instead of giving away a housekey that could be copied, the homeowner can instead unlock the door remotely from their phone app or shine bright exterior lights on someone who seems suspicious. Such control enhances both the feeling of safety and home security.

Get the Latest Smart Home Trends in Your Home with Experience Audio Video Inc.

Why wait to join the trend of making your home smarter? Contact us at Experience Audio Video Inc. to get these top trends and many others installed professionally in your home. With a more modern home, you’ll enjoy a time-saving, more relaxed lifestyle.




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Operate Your Whole Home from One Device with Home Automation

Home automation has been on the rise for the last few years. The most recent statistic shows 175 million smart homes around the world with the United States in the lead with 41.3 million automated homes. Do you want to live in one of almost one-third of homes that are smart?

Why Choose Home Automation?

Upgrading your home to an automated one saves you time and can add to the selling price of your home. Among the large homebuying demographic of millennials, 86% would spend more money to buy a smart home than a traditional one. Automating saves you time today and can put more money in your pocket in the future when you choose to sell.

Automation Options for Your Home

You don’t have to automate everything in your home. You can choose individual components to run from a single app or many. For example, you may choose to automate your lights and air conditioning system. Others may prefer a system that opens motorized window shades in the home at sunrise and turns off lights during the day. These automation systems are customized to your tastes.

Control of Your Home Automation System

The biggest draw of a smart home is the ability to control the various systems from an app or central control. App-based control lets you make adjustments to your home automation features from anywhere.

Did you run late getting home from work to meet the babysitter? A home automation system with security components can let you see the sitter at your front door, unlock the door for them, and talk to them to let them know you’re running late, all from your phone.

Choose Experience Audio Video Inc. as Your Partner in Customizing Home Automation for Your House

In Southern California, you have options for home automation providers. Choose us at Experience Audio Video Inc. because we have years of work installing technology upgrades to homes in the area, have the authorization to sell Crestron and Control4 products, and can provide you with other well-known brands for your newly automated home. Contact our team today to set up a time to consult with our home technology experts.



Get Control of Your Home Network Cables, Routers, and More

Setting up a home network is more difficult than you may think. Instead of setting up everything on Wi-Fi to save yourself the problem of running cables through your home, trust professional network installers to do the work for you. Plus, they can help you decide which of your home devices work better connected wirelessly or wired to your home network.

Setting Up a Wireless Network

Your home’s internet wireless connection is not consistent throughout the home. The farther devices are located from your router, the less secure signal and slower speeds they’ll get. Plus, if you have a 802.11g connection, common wireless appliances, such as microwaves or garage door openers, could interfere with the signal because they also use that frequency. Professional installers will know how to position your wireless router to send the strongest signal as far as possible. However, some things operate best on a wired network.

Wired Devices on Your Home Network

If you have TVs, computers, or video game systems that stream movies or games, you need wired connections to get the best performance. Even if these devices are close to the router, a wired connection will ensure that you have constant connection that your other home appliances won’t interfere with. Video conferencing, streaming, and gaming are all optimized with wired connections.

How Far to Run Cable for Your Home Network

Cable running through your house for your network can only go so far before the signal loses speed. For instance, the best performance occurs when you have ethernet cable less than 100 meters. To reduce the distance for your cable, professionals can run the cable out of site through your walls or along floor or ceiling corners. Don’t try this job yourself. You likely won’t get the seamless appearance that experts in home network setup can achieve.

Let Experience Audio Video Inc. Set Your Home Network for Successful Connection in Every Room

Don’t let network cables ruin the appearance of the rooms in your house. Contact us at Experience Audio Video Inc. to have your home network professionally created and installed. You’ll get better connectivity all through your house and you won’t have to setup the cables yourself.