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What You Need to Know About Outdoor Speakers and Video Elements

Transform your backyard into a space where you’ll want to spend even more time. If you’re like 36% of Americans, you want to use your backyard for entertaining and 51% want to cook outside. Whether for staycations at home, backyard barbecues, or throwing parties at home, you’ll want a comfortable, fun outdoor space. To achieve this goal, you’ll need great sound and video outside. However, before you buy outdoor speakers and screens, you need to know more about these devices and how to get the best brands for your home.

Outdoor Screens Need Protection from the Elements

When you choose a flat screen TV for your patio or pool area, you will need to choose a location that protects it from the elements. These screens can be the same caliber that you use inside and connect to your outdoor speakers.

If you have a covered patio or outdoor living room with a ceiling, you can have a screen installed in the most protected spot, usually a wall against the house. With the screen as far from the rain, sun, sprinklers, and pool as possible, you can protect the TV from water damage. Plus, by having the TV under a covered area, you’ll reduce the sun’s glare on the screen.

Variations in Outdoor Speakers

Outdoor speakers have several variations that you’ll need to choose from when selecting options for your backyard. You may opt for surface-mounted speakers that more closely resemble the speakers you may have inside your home. Make sure that you specify outdoor or indoor/outdoor models. These types of speakers will have more waterproofing in their components and structure to withstand damage from the elements.

Other types of speakers available are those installed in the landscape. These speakers have portions partially installed underground for protection and for aesthetics to hide the bulk of the device. Many people prefer these options because they offer exceptional sound quality from anywhere in your yard.

Endless Possibilities for Outdoor Speakers and Screens

When you have your yard set up with outdoor speakers and screens, you’ll be ready for any type of event. You can host parties or simply relax outside. With outdoor audio and video, you transform your yard into a living area that provides you with fresh air. Imagine watching your favorite sporting events from your patio dining area or watching a movie from your pool. You can with outdoor speakers and screens.

Let Experience Audio Video Inc. Provide You with the Outdoor Speakers and Screen Set Up You Need

Outdoor speakers and screens are not something that you should install yourself. In fact, if you want brands like Crestron outdoor speakers, you’ll need to work with a local dealer. Contact Experience Audio Video Inc. to acquire well-known brands of outdoor audio and video equipment and have it installed in your Southern California backyard.








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Outdoor Entertaining Essentials for Your Backyard, Pool, or Patio

Entertaining outside is popular. This is especially true of those looking to add value to their homes with outdoor upgrades and enrich their lives through building friendships. Outdoor entertaining elements have gone beyond plastic chairs and beach umbrellas. In fact, if you want to throw a party in your backyard, on your patio, or by your pool, you’ll need essentials that more closely resemble furnishings used inside.

Seating for Outdoor Entertaining

Popular now in outdoor living areas are sofas, cushioned chairs, and throw pillows to transform backyards into living rooms outside. When looking for outdoor seating, you’ll want to find pieces designed exclusively for outdoor use. These furnishings use weather-resistant fabrics and materials to withstand the elements and look great for years. They are also more comfortable than cheaper plastic pieces that can easily crack and don't enhance the appearance of the party area.

Audio for Outdoor Entertaining

Parties need great audio, but you probably won’t get the sound volume and quality you need out of a portable speaker. Instead, have outdoor speakers installed in your landscape. These speakers have exceptional sound output, blend into your landscape, and offer sound throughout your yard. With great speakers, you’ll be able to play music for your parties for everyone to hear.

Lighting for Entertaining

Outdoor lighting is another element of entertaining that many people often neglect when setting up backyard parties. Good lighting ensures that everyone at the party can see clearly after dark. Plus, with lighting around a yard, people can spot tripping hazards even after dark. Lighting controls for the outdoors put you in charge of the amount of light and the mood created in your yard for the party.

Get the Outdoor Entertaining Essentials You Need for Your Next Event from Experience Audio Video Inc.

While you won’t find furniture or food at Experience Audio Video Inc., you will find great brands of audio and video equipment, lighting, and controls for everything. Additionally, you’ll get professional installation of these essentials to let you focus on your party instead of trying to set up these elements yourself. Contact us at Experience Audio Video Inc. to learn more about how you can get great A/V equipment installed in your landscape for the ultimate outdoor entertaining space.








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How to Throw the Ultimate Outdoor Entertaining Event

Get started for outdoor party season. The summer provides great weather and vacation time to make outdoor barbecues, pool parties, and patio gatherings possible. Before you start planning your outdoor entertaining, you need to make sure your backyard is ready for the events with great sound, lighting, and video to make any event even more fun for everyone.

Set Up a Great Audio System

Any list of the things you need for outdoor entertaining will inevitably include a wireless speaker. But, you can do a lot better than just a single Bluetooth speaker. Instead, have a lasting option in your landscape to be ready for producing great sound from your flat-screen TV on the patio or your music player on your phone. Landscape speakers are installed around your home’s yard, partially buried for a permanent outdoor sound solution ready for entertaining.

Outdoor Lighting

You should have lighting outside for security at a minimum. But with lighting controls and more lights around your backyard, you can create ideal conditions for your outdoor entertainment events. Imagine turning on underwater pool lights and opening the cover at the touch of a button for an after-dark pool party. Or, you can turn down lights on your patio to allow for better TV watching. Good outdoor lighting systems must come with easy-to-use lighting controls to make them useful for your social events.

Flat-Screen TVs for Outdoor Watching

Make one of your outdoor events a sports-watching party outside. You can barbecue food for the event outside and not miss the action on the flat-screen TV you have installed on your patio. A patio TV lets you make your patio a living room outside where you’ll have more space for your events or just for relaxing. Outdoor TVs are great for when you want a casual, outdoor movie-watching experience without leaving your home to find a drive-through or other outdoor area.

Make Experience Audio Video Inc. Your First Contact for Planning Your Outdoor Entertaining Events

Don’t let the summer party season pass you by. Get your backyard ready for entertaining by contacting Experience Audio Video Inc. You’ll find out more about your options for creating the best backyard for entertaining with better outdoor audio, lighting, and video.