outdoor speakersYour home theater does not have to be inside. You can have a stellar sight and sound experience outside in your yard with outdoor speakers strategically arranged in your backyard. The difference behind an outdoor entertainment center and just putting a TV on your patio lies in the audio quality. Great speakers and proper placement of them will make a significant difference in your outdoor home theater.

Hidden Speakers

When you have speakers inside, hiding them is often not a priority. Plus, wherever you have the speakers installed will be a safe, dry place to keep the electronics safe. However, outdoor speaker installation typically includes blending these elements into the area.

Hiding speakers outside offers a two-fold solution. First, the speakers don’t stand out as eyesores to disrupt the beauty of your backyard. Instead, their subtle coloring and compact sizes help them to blend into the landscape. Second, by using protective surrounds for outdoor speakers, the equipment inside stays protected from the elements while still projecting stellar audio.

High-Quality Sound Outside

Just because you want to watch a movie outside does not mean that you should sacrifice quality audio. At Experience Audio Video Inc., we are a Crestron dealer for Southern California. Therefore, we can install many of the high-end Crestron audio solutions into your landscape. For instance, Crestron produces landscape speakers that are as carefully designed and produce audio as clear as their indoor speakers.

Your Outdoor Home Theater Awaits

If you want to create a home theater outside, don’t delay. First, request professional setup and installation to ensure that your landscape speakers will have optimum sound coverage. Plus, you should find a Crestron dealer to access the quality products from that well-known brand. Luckily, you can do both with one call to Experience Audio Video Inc.

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Make your outdoors an entertaining destination where you can host parties or spend time with your family in an outdoor room watching movies or sports. To get started on this dream backyard, contact Experience Audio Video Inc. Serving Southern California for more than two decades, Experience Audio Video Inc. has the high level of audio and video setup to create your ultimate outdoor home theater.







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