outdoor entertainmentWhy leave your outdoor gatherings to make changes to the lighting or music? You don’t have to when you have outdoor entertainment elements tied to controls on your phone. With a phone app, you have total control over your exterior lighting, sound, and screens from anywhere.

Outdoor Entertainment Elements

When you dedicate your backyard to becoming an outdoor gathering spot, you will want to include all the comforts found inside your home. Lighting, sound, and video are all aspects of outdoor entertaining that you need to integrate into your exterior living areas to really turn them into places for entertaining.

With the right lighting, you can keep the party going after dark and long into the night. Landscape speakers stay hidden while producing high-quality audio all around your yard. Flat screen TVs can turn your patio into a place for watching live sports or movies while enjoying fresh air.

Control of Outdoor Elements

While some people, especially those with older systems, may have controls over their outdoor entertainment elements, these older controls may require them to go inside or use multiple remotes. Instead, use the most up-to-date technology from Crestron Hometo control the lights, audio, video, and more both inside and outside from your phone.

Placement Is Crucial for Outdoor Entertainment Elements

Where you have the outdoor elements for entertaining installed makes a difference. You will want to have lights placed to provide adequate illumination of gathering areas without being too bright to affect the mood.

The speaker locations around the landscape will directly impact the audio experience each person at the party has. Consequently, you don’t want just anyone to handle your backyard’s sound design. You need a professional in lighting, sound, and video installation.

Experience Audio Video Inc. for Installation of Outdoor Entertainment Elements and Their Controls

If you want the convenience of using Crestron Home to control your outdoor entertainment elements from your phone, you must first contact a Crestron dealer. Experience Audio Video Inc. is a proud partner with Crestron. Plus, we install speakers, lighting, video, and more into your landscape or inside your home. Let us know what we can do to help. Contact us today to find out more about making your outdoors as entertaining as possible.







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