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Why rely on earbuds or your phone’s speaker if you want to listen to music on your patio? With the right outdoor speakers arrangement and selection, you can have clear, crisp audio by the pool, on your patio, or in your outdoor lounge area. Understanding how landscape speakers distinguish themselves from those used inside will help you to appreciate these technological marvels that can extend the audio experience that you have inside to your backyard.

How Outdoor Speakers Produce Sound

The task of any speaker is turning signals delivered into mechanical vibrations that produce sound. You hear this sound as the audio from your audio system or TV. To perform this task, indoor and outdoor speakers have several vital components.


The major parts of speakers that you hear about are the drivers, broken down into woofers and tweeters. These parts translate different types of signals into various sounds. Woofers are larger and generate deep bass sounds. Tweeters have smaller sizes and produce higher-pitched sounds.


Enclosures, sometimes called cabinets, hold the speaker components. However, they are more than just containers. They protect the delicate electronics of the speaker while also improving sound production and generation. For outdoor speakers, the enclosures must also be weatherproof to keep moisture, heat, and humidity from corroding the internal speaker components while hiding the unit in the landscape.


Crossovers provide the means of delivering electronic signals to the correct drivers. Some speakers have all the components in the same enclosure, such as two-way speakers with woofers and tweeters or three-way speakers that add mid-range drivers.

The Difference Between Outdoor and Indoor Speakers

Outdoor speakers must have components that do not sustain damage from high humidity levels. You don’t have to live in a swamp to experience high humidity. Any time you have fog or rain, the humidity is at 100% and can damage moisture-sensitive components in typical speakers.

Devices used outside have weatherproof enclosures that keep rain, fog, heat, cold, and even splashed pool water from causing damage. For woofers installed underground, the enclosure must do extra work to keep the components protected from soil moisture.

Installation of Outdoor Speakers

Installing outdoor speakers requires putting the wiring and speakers into place to ensure that all components remain hidden from view while still providing bold sound. When choosing high-quality speakers and controls, such as those controlled by Crestron Home, you need professionals to place them around your yard for generating the best sound and for correct installation. These professional technicians can also set up the controls through Crestron Home so you can use a phone app to control your outdoor sound.

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