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Set the Perfect Mood for Outdoor Entertaining at the Touch of a Button

outdoor entertainingYou may already know that you can set up room lighting themes around your house. Did you know that you can also do that outside to create the perfect atmosphere for outdoor entertaining? With your outdoor lights integrated into Crestron Home controls, you have the ability to quickly and easily adjust lighting for the perfect party atmosphere outside.

Outdoor Entertaining and Lighting

The lighting that you have outside is more than for only keeping your property secure. Lights in your outdoor cooking areas give you the ability to see properly for meal preparation. Dimmer lighting in dining areas reduce glare and make the meals more enticing. With lighting around your yard, you expand the available space that you have for entertaining from around your patio to your entire landscape.

Setting Outdoor Lighting Moods

With Crestron Home controls on your phone app, you can set up moods for your outdoor lighting. For instance, you may have settings for relaxing, watching movies, or entertaining. Relaxing may require dimmer lights in warmer colors. Movie watching uses lights in corners to offset the screen. Lighting for entertaining may include areas with brighter lights, such as food preparation areas outside, and areas with dimmer lights for gathering or dancing.

Enjoying Your Event

Why spend time going around your landscape to turn lights on and off from switches? A simple-to-use app puts control of all your home’s lights, inside and out, in the palm of your hand. If your party extends from outside to inside your home, you can adapt by turning on your home’s interior lights from anywhere. To get this type of control over your home’s lighting system, you need a Crestron dealer to get you the equipment and set it up. In Southern California, make Experience Audio Video Inc. your first choice for a Crestron dealer and outdoor entertaining equipment specialist.

Trust Experience Audio Video Inc. to Provide Your Home with Perfect Outdoor Entertaining Lighting and the Controls for It

For more than 20 years, Southern California residents have turned to Experience Audio Video Inc. to install home theaters, entertainment systems, outdoor lighting, and much more in their homes. Trust our expert technicians to install the lighting you need for creating an ideal outdoor entertainment site in your yard. Plus, they can set up the controls for the lighting, speakers, and TVs you have outside through the Crestron Home app. Reach out to us today to find out more about how you can take control over your outdoor lighting for entertainment.







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Outdoor Speakers for a Home Theater in Your Backyard

outdoor speakersYour home theater does not have to be inside. You can have a stellar sight and sound experience outside in your yard with outdoor speakers strategically arranged in your backyard. The difference behind an outdoor entertainment center and just putting a TV on your patio lies in the audio quality. Great speakers and proper placement of them will make a significant difference in your outdoor home theater.

Hidden Speakers

When you have speakers inside, hiding them is often not a priority. Plus, wherever you have the speakers installed will be a safe, dry place to keep the electronics safe. However, outdoor speaker installation typically includes blending these elements into the area.

Hiding speakers outside offers a two-fold solution. First, the speakers don’t stand out as eyesores to disrupt the beauty of your backyard. Instead, their subtle coloring and compact sizes help them to blend into the landscape. Second, by using protective surrounds for outdoor speakers, the equipment inside stays protected from the elements while still projecting stellar audio.

High-Quality Sound Outside

Just because you want to watch a movie outside does not mean that you should sacrifice quality audio. At Experience Audio Video Inc., we are a Crestron dealer for Southern California. Therefore, we can install many of the high-end Crestron audio solutions into your landscape. For instance, Crestron produces landscape speakers that are as carefully designed and produce audio as clear as their indoor speakers.

Your Outdoor Home Theater Awaits

If you want to create a home theater outside, don’t delay. First, request professional setup and installation to ensure that your landscape speakers will have optimum sound coverage. Plus, you should find a Crestron dealer to access the quality products from that well-known brand. Luckily, you can do both with one call to Experience Audio Video Inc.

Connect with Experience Audio Video Inc. for Outdoor Home Theater Installation and More

Make your outdoors an entertaining destination where you can host parties or spend time with your family in an outdoor room watching movies or sports. To get started on this dream backyard, contact Experience Audio Video Inc. Serving Southern California for more than two decades, Experience Audio Video Inc. has the high level of audio and video setup to create your ultimate outdoor home theater.







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Control Your Outdoor Entertainment Elements from Your Phone

outdoor entertainmentWhy leave your outdoor gatherings to make changes to the lighting or music? You don’t have to when you have outdoor entertainment elements tied to controls on your phone. With a phone app, you have total control over your exterior lighting, sound, and screens from anywhere.

Outdoor Entertainment Elements

When you dedicate your backyard to becoming an outdoor gathering spot, you will want to include all the comforts found inside your home. Lighting, sound, and video are all aspects of outdoor entertaining that you need to integrate into your exterior living areas to really turn them into places for entertaining.

With the right lighting, you can keep the party going after dark and long into the night. Landscape speakers stay hidden while producing high-quality audio all around your yard. Flat screen TVs can turn your patio into a place for watching live sports or movies while enjoying fresh air.

Control of Outdoor Elements

While some people, especially those with older systems, may have controls over their outdoor entertainment elements, these older controls may require them to go inside or use multiple remotes. Instead, use the most up-to-date technology from Crestron Hometo control the lights, audio, video, and more both inside and outside from your phone.

Placement Is Crucial for Outdoor Entertainment Elements

Where you have the outdoor elements for entertaining installed makes a difference. You will want to have lights placed to provide adequate illumination of gathering areas without being too bright to affect the mood.

The speaker locations around the landscape will directly impact the audio experience each person at the party has. Consequently, you don’t want just anyone to handle your backyard’s sound design. You need a professional in lighting, sound, and video installation.

Experience Audio Video Inc. for Installation of Outdoor Entertainment Elements and Their Controls

If you want the convenience of using Crestron Home to control your outdoor entertainment elements from your phone, you must first contact a Crestron dealer. Experience Audio Video Inc. is a proud partner with Crestron. Plus, we install speakers, lighting, video, and more into your landscape or inside your home. Let us know what we can do to help. Contact us today to find out more about making your outdoors as entertaining as possible.







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All About Outdoor Speakers

outdoor speakers

Why rely on earbuds or your phone’s speaker if you want to listen to music on your patio? With the right outdoor speakers arrangement and selection, you can have clear, crisp audio by the pool, on your patio, or in your outdoor lounge area. Understanding how landscape speakers distinguish themselves from those used inside will help you to appreciate these technological marvels that can extend the audio experience that you have inside to your backyard.

How Outdoor Speakers Produce Sound

The task of any speaker is turning signals delivered into mechanical vibrations that produce sound. You hear this sound as the audio from your audio system or TV. To perform this task, indoor and outdoor speakers have several vital components.


The major parts of speakers that you hear about are the drivers, broken down into woofers and tweeters. These parts translate different types of signals into various sounds. Woofers are larger and generate deep bass sounds. Tweeters have smaller sizes and produce higher-pitched sounds.


Enclosures, sometimes called cabinets, hold the speaker components. However, they are more than just containers. They protect the delicate electronics of the speaker while also improving sound production and generation. For outdoor speakers, the enclosures must also be weatherproof to keep moisture, heat, and humidity from corroding the internal speaker components while hiding the unit in the landscape.


Crossovers provide the means of delivering electronic signals to the correct drivers. Some speakers have all the components in the same enclosure, such as two-way speakers with woofers and tweeters or three-way speakers that add mid-range drivers.

The Difference Between Outdoor and Indoor Speakers

Outdoor speakers must have components that do not sustain damage from high humidity levels. You don’t have to live in a swamp to experience high humidity. Any time you have fog or rain, the humidity is at 100% and can damage moisture-sensitive components in typical speakers.

Devices used outside have weatherproof enclosures that keep rain, fog, heat, cold, and even splashed pool water from causing damage. For woofers installed underground, the enclosure must do extra work to keep the components protected from soil moisture.

Installation of Outdoor Speakers

Installing outdoor speakers requires putting the wiring and speakers into place to ensure that all components remain hidden from view while still providing bold sound. When choosing high-quality speakers and controls, such as those controlled by Crestron Home, you need professionals to place them around your yard for generating the best sound and for correct installation. These professional technicians can also set up the controls through Crestron Home so you can use a phone app to control your outdoor sound.

Get Outdoor Speakers Setup Professional by Experience Audio Video Inc.

Experience Audio Video Inc. has decades of work in home theaters and outdoor audio and video installation throughout the Southern California area. Trust our experts in audio and video installation and Crestron Home setup to provide you with the outdoor speakers to produce high-quality sound in your yard. Plus, we are a Crestron dealer in the area. Working with an authorized dealer is the only way that you can get control through Crestron Home and products from that brand. Reach out to us today over the internet or by phone to learn more about our outdoor entertainment options.