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After the first installment, you now know that Crestron products make control and convenience of your home’s systems easy. However, you may not realize how many areas of your house you can control with Crestron Home products. Your lights, HVAC system, and window shades, keep you comfortable inside your home. Crestron allows you to take charge of maximizing your home’s comfort levels by taking charge of control of each of these systems. Plus, you can lower your energy bills through automation and remote control of your home’s comfort systems.

Climate Control with Crestron Home

One of your home’s biggest sources of electricity use is the heating and cooling system. Keeping your home comfortable without spending too much on your electric bills becomes a balancing act. However, by using climate control systems from Crestron and operating them from the app, you can keep your home at the ideal temperature for comfort and savings.

The Crestron Home app lets you take control of your HVAC system without touching the thermostat in your home. You can turn on the air conditioner while you are still at work to arrive home to a cool home during the height of summer.

Regulate Lights with Crestron Home

Use lighting to create moods or enhance movie watching. For instance, you can set up programs for your home’s lighting to optimize it for entertaining friends, watching movies, or having a quiet evening alone. Lighting operation from the Crestron control app means you’ll never need to get out of your chair to turn on or off lights around your house.

Change Sunlight Levels with Crestron

Crestron Home can also control your motorized window shades from the same app that you use for heating, cooling, and lighting. Forget running around the house opening or closing shades to optimize sunlight levels around your home. You can make all these changes with the tap of an option from your mobile phone.

Get These Perks of Crestron with Professional Installation of These Products from Experience Audio Video Inc.

By combining cooling, heating, lighting, and window shade control into one source, your Crestron system will maximize your savings. Cut costs without sacrificing your comfort in your home. Crestron Home’s control system makes the process simple. Contract us at Experience Audio Video Inc. if you want to integrate Crestron products into your home’s climate control and comfort systems.





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