If you have considered upgrades to your home’s audio, automation, or video controls, you likely have heard of Crestron. This brand now has a new operating system, called Crestron Home, to unify your home’s automation and other systems. What can Crestron and this new system do for you? The answer is so much that you’ll find it broken down into four installments.

What Is Crestron Home?

Crestron Home takes advantage of the benefits of the brand’s existing products by making them even easier to use. This operating system is a simple-to-use method of taking control of your smart home products. You can change your home’s temperature, adjust audio, or turn off lights from your mobile phone app or with a touch screen in your home.

Control with Crestron

Crestron turns over control of everything in your home to you. As long as you have smart home products from Crestron, you have a system that brings control of them into one place. This unprecedented level of control lets you operate your home’s systems wherever you are, at home or away.

Convenience for Your Home Systems

You don’t need to be at home to turn off the lights or to make your home warmer in the winter. Crestron makes home control more convenient by placing the operating system for your home automation into the palm of your hand. This system can be an app on your phone, wall switches, remote controls, or touch screens installed in your house. You get to choose the most convenient way to operate your Crestron system and the products connected to it.

Fill Your House with Crestron Products from an Approved Dealer, Such as Experience Audio Video Inc. in Southern California

Crestron is an elite brand that you can only find from approved partners. Experience Audio Video Inc. is one such dealer that can provide you with the expert installation and setup of your Crestron products. Contact us to upgrade your home to the latest in Crestron Home technology that gives you maximum control over your home.







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