Crestron home

What Crestron Home Can Do for You: Part 4

Crestron home

Now you know about the many capabilities for control that Crestron Home gives you, it’s time to evaluate the perks that you get overall from using such an interconnected system. Aside from making your house more modern, these products can give you the following benefits:

One App to Control Your Entire Home

The biggest reason to consider Crestron Home is the control that it gives you from one location. Your mobile phone app becomes a powerful tool to control the Crestron automation products throughout your house. From security cameras to motorized shades, you don’t need to fumble with multiple remotes or walk to every room to make changes to your home.

Ability to Integrate High-Tech Solutions to Your Technology Preferences

You don’t need to love using your smartphone to have home automation products. In fact, you can choose your level of comfort for the control systems. The mobile app is only one way to control your Crestron system. You may opt for touch screens on tables or installed into walls in your home, remote controls to carry wherever you go in your house, or switches on the walls in each room. You choose your favorite option to have your most comfortable and easily controlled home.

Use of the Trusted Crestron Name

With Crestron Home, you get the long-trusted Crestron name as your houses control system. The company continues to innovate, bringing the latest in technology to make living easier and more convenient. Choosing Crestron means you have the most cutting-edge options for your house to make your life better. Controlling them with the Crestron Home app is just one more improvement made by the company that continues to revolutionize house automation and more.

Get Crestron Home Benefits by Contacting Experience Audio Video Inc. 

The only way to get Crestron products and control in your house is through one of the company’s partners. Experience Audio Video Inc. will install the products and set up the app for you to simplify the process of starting to use your Crestron Home system. Contact us today to have your home upgraded to the products and operating system you need for maximum control.





crestron home

What Crestron Home Can Do for You: Part 3

crestron home

Your house can be comfortable with help from Crestron Home, but you should also be safe and have fun. Security and A/V controls from Crestron do both. When you feel safe in your home, you can relax more and have more fun. Trust the control capabilities of Crestron to help you enjoy spending more time in your secure and fun home.

Determine Home Access

Don’t let just anyone into your home. Home access and security with Crestron Home include control over your alarm system, door camera, door locks, garage door, and more. Whether you want to use your phone to unlock your front door instead of looking for your keys or need to find out who is at your front door when you’re at work, you can do it all with Crestron’s control system.

Keep an Eye on Your Property 

Security cameras go beyond a standard alarm system. After all, if you have pets, you may experience false alarms from animals setting off motion detectors. However, security cameras give you visual confirmation about the source of the security breach. You can tie your cameras into your Crestron app, so you can check on your house, pets, or kids while away or from another room.

Control Audio and Video Around Your Home

Staying safe at home makes it possible to relax and enjoy your home’s entertainment value. Home audio video distribution systems that you control from an app maximize the convenience you have in determining where your music or video plays and what you play. Whether you want to throw parties and have music throughout your house or just want to play music that follows you to different rooms, you can do these with controls from Crestron.

Stay Safe and Have Fun in Your House with the Security and Audio/Video Controls of Crestron Home

Crestron Home can control your home’s security and A/V system. With this system, you make your home safer and improve your entertainment capabilities throughout the house. To get these and other products installed, contact us at Experience Audio Video Inc. as your local dealer for Crestron Home.





Crestron home

What Crestron Home Can Do for You: Part 2

Crestron home

After the first installment, you now know that Crestron products make control and convenience of your home’s systems easy. However, you may not realize how many areas of your house you can control with Crestron Home products. Your lights, HVAC system, and window shades, keep you comfortable inside your home. Crestron allows you to take charge of maximizing your home’s comfort levels by taking charge of control of each of these systems. Plus, you can lower your energy bills through automation and remote control of your home’s comfort systems.

Climate Control with Crestron Home

One of your home’s biggest sources of electricity use is the heating and cooling system. Keeping your home comfortable without spending too much on your electric bills becomes a balancing act. However, by using climate control systems from Crestron and operating them from the app, you can keep your home at the ideal temperature for comfort and savings.

The Crestron Home app lets you take control of your HVAC system without touching the thermostat in your home. You can turn on the air conditioner while you are still at work to arrive home to a cool home during the height of summer.

Regulate Lights with Crestron Home

Use lighting to create moods or enhance movie watching. For instance, you can set up programs for your home’s lighting to optimize it for entertaining friends, watching movies, or having a quiet evening alone. Lighting operation from the Crestron control app means you’ll never need to get out of your chair to turn on or off lights around your house.

Change Sunlight Levels with Crestron

Crestron Home can also control your motorized window shades from the same app that you use for heating, cooling, and lighting. Forget running around the house opening or closing shades to optimize sunlight levels around your home. You can make all these changes with the tap of an option from your mobile phone.

Get These Perks of Crestron with Professional Installation of These Products from Experience Audio Video Inc.

By combining cooling, heating, lighting, and window shade control into one source, your Crestron system will maximize your savings. Cut costs without sacrificing your comfort in your home. Crestron Home’s control system makes the process simple. Contract us at Experience Audio Video Inc. if you want to integrate Crestron products into your home’s climate control and comfort systems.





Crestron home

Crestron Home

If you have considered upgrades to your home’s audio, automation, or video controls, you likely have heard of Crestron. This brand now has a new operating system, called Crestron Home, to unify your home’s automation and other systems. What can Crestron and this new system do for you? The answer is so much that you’ll find it broken down into four installments.

What Is Crestron Home?

Crestron Home takes advantage of the benefits of the brand’s existing products by making them even easier to use. This operating system is a simple-to-use method of taking control of your smart home products. You can change your home’s temperature, adjust audio, or turn off lights from your mobile phone app or with a touch screen in your home.

Control with Crestron

Crestron turns over control of everything in your home to you. As long as you have smart home products from Crestron, you have a system that brings control of them into one place. This unprecedented level of control lets you operate your home’s systems wherever you are, at home or away.

Convenience for Your Home Systems

You don’t need to be at home to turn off the lights or to make your home warmer in the winter. Crestron makes home control more convenient by placing the operating system for your home automation into the palm of your hand. This system can be an app on your phone, wall switches, remote controls, or touch screens installed in your house. You get to choose the most convenient way to operate your Crestron system and the products connected to it.

Fill Your House with Crestron Products from an Approved Dealer, Such as Experience Audio Video Inc. in Southern California

Crestron is an elite brand that you can only find from approved partners. Experience Audio Video Inc. is one such dealer that can provide you with the expert installation and setup of your Crestron products. Contact us to upgrade your home to the latest in Crestron Home technology that gives you maximum control over your home.