Working from home became a necessity during the pandemic. However, 90% of workers indicated that they wanted to continue to work remotely in some capacity. Many companies adapted their policies to make remote working easier, giving their employees greater flexibility. If you like many people still work from home full or part time, you may find that your home network needs upgrading.

Why You Need a Lightning-Fast Connection for Working from Home

When you work from home, you don’t have access to the professionally installed office network. At work, the system should have the bandwidth to accommodate every employee using their computers. However, at home, you may not have such an optimized system. If you notice that your virtual meetings require regular buffering or disconnections of the audio or video, it’s time to upgrade the system you have.

Are You Hardwired or Wireless for Your Work Computer?

When working from home, you need to have the fastest network connection possible. Use the same guidelines that professional home audio and video installers use for setting up a home network. Devices that depend on a stable connection need cables to connect them to the home network. Streaming televisions fall into this category, and your work computer should, too. In both cases, you want to have a connection that keeps the video stream live and without lagging.

Wireless devices can lose their speed and network strength the farther from the router they are. However, for some devices, such as smartphones, this is less problematic than for streaming screens or your work computer.

Optimize Your Home Network for Your Work Computer and Everything Else

If you need help optimizing your home networks to allow you to work remotely with a strong, reliable internet connection, contact Experience Audio Video Inc. We do more than just set up home entertainment systems. We have the ability to connect everything to your home’s network to get the beset connection from every device based on its use.

Contact Experience Audio Video Inc. for a Better Home Network for Remote Working

Don’t miss out on another important meeting because your internet connection gave out. Contact us at Experience Audio Video Inc. to get your home network optimized for work and entertainment.





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