During their height of popularity, there were 4000 drive-in theaters in the United States. While drive-in theaters have disappeared from much of the country, in some parts, they are making comebacks with 325 of these theaters scattered around the nation. Part of the appeal of these theaters is watching a movie under the stars in the privacy of your vehicle. You can get a similar experience in your backyard with an entertainment center.

Surround Sound Built Into the Landscape for Outdoor Entertainment

If you have a home theater, it includes surround sound to provide the most immersive viewing experience. You can get the same quality audio with an outdoor entertainment system. By carefully concealing speakers into the landscape, you get quality sound without spoiling the natural look of your backyard.

Flat Screen Television for Watching on the Patio 

A flat screen television provides the viewing experience for your outdoor entertainment system. However, you could also choose a projector for an even larger view. You can watch your favorite movies or TV shows with your friends and family from the pool, around the barbecue pit, or while lounging on your patio.

Lighting Controls for Better Viewing for Outdoor Entertainment

You already know that the lighting is important for your indoor home theater. It is also essential for getting the most out of your experience with your outdoor system. A professionally installed system can include lights that you can dim or turn off from your tablet or phone while you control the volume of your surround sound.

Improve Your Backyard with a Drive-In Experience from Your Outdoor Entertainment System

At Experience Audio Video Inc., we can install a complete outdoor entertainment system in your yard. Choose the elements you want from surround sound and lights to a simple television with audio on the patio area. Our professionals can provide you with the chance to watch your favorite movies outside in the privacy of your backyard with your friends, family, or loved ones. Contact us to schedule your professional A/V consultation to find the perfect equipment for your outdoor entertainment experience.









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