The pandemic severely curtained traveling outside of the country. In fact, as of 2020, 63% of American adults had taken a staycation. Even in 2022, traveling abroad is still difficult. However, you can make your home a resort for a staycation by upgrading your outdoor entertainment system.

What Is a Staycation?

If you’ve never heard of a staycation, don’t worry. Only 51% of American adults know the term. It refers to a vacation in which you remain in your hometown instead of traveling elsewhere. Many people opt for a staycation to save money. However, occasionally, travel restrictions, such as during the pandemic, forced many people’s travel plans to convert into staycations.

How to Transform Your Backyard with an Outdoor Entertainment System

One of the things that sets a resort apart from a standard backyard is its use of audio and video equipment outside to create an entertainment spot for concerts, parties, and more. A home outdoor entertainment system has all the elements of an indoor one. However, you need professional installers to install the equipment to protect it from the elements and hide it within the landscape.

Aspects of an outdoor entertainment system include audio speakers hidden around the area, a television under a pavilion or patio, and a lighting system to control the degree of lighting in the area. For instance, you likely already have lighting to provide security, safety, and aesthetic appeal around your backyard. However, an outdoor entertainment system could integrate your lighting so you can dim the lights to better see your outdoor television. You could also adjust the lighting level if you want to create a party atmosphere.

Unlike a Staycation, You’ll Enjoy Your Upgraded Yard All-Year Long

With a staycation, you can only enjoy the experience while your holiday lasts. However, if you turn your yard into a resort-worthy entertainment area, you can enjoy it while you live in your home. Why not make an investment in your home’s entertainment value by adding an outdoor entertainment center.

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