Smart homes today are easier than ever to install thanks to the widespread use of secure, high-speed home networks. However, many people are still afraid to embrace the technology of home automation and connectivity. Don’t believe the myths about these high-tech tools in your home. Learn the truth about home automation and smart homes to discover how they can improve your life.

Home Automation Is Complicated to Use

The truth about automation in homes is that it does not have to be complicated. With the right setup, everything can tie into an app on your tablet or smart phone. The app lets you control everything in your home connected to it from your lights and blinds to your air conditioner thermostat. Using the app is even easier than trying to use a universal remote for your home theater.

Anyone Can Install Smart Home Equipment

Installing all the equipment to transform your living space into a smart home is not something to take on over a weekend. The process may require feeding wires through the walls for optimizing connections where high-speed and consistency is essential. For instance, if you want to have streaming movies in your home theater or play video games online.

A professional installer can tell you which elements of your smart home work best over wifi and which ones require wired connections. They can also install the correct connections and setup the equipment. These tasks are so complex that most homeowners will not have the time or knowledge to complete them properly. The intricacy of installing home automation systems is why 60% of homebuilders who create smart homes hire professional home automation installers.

Hackers Can Get into Your Home Appliances

Hacking has been a problem for some smart homes in the past. However, if you have a secure home network with password protection and professional setup, you mitigate the hazards of hackers. Use standard networking safety by not giving your network password to anyone and changing it regularly.

Contact Experience Audio Video to Get Your Home Automation Equipment Installed

Now that you know that home automation is easier to use and safer than you thought, you can contact a professional for installation. At Experience Audio Video Inc., we’ve served Orange County area homes with quality home automation, audio equipment, video systems, and much more. Contact us today to make your home smarter.





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