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Still Remote Working at Least Occasionally? Upgrade Your Home Network for Better Productivity

Working from home became a necessity during the pandemic. However, 90% of workers indicated that they wanted to continue to work remotely in some capacity. Many companies adapted their policies to make remote working easier, giving their employees greater flexibility. If you like many people still work from home full or part time, you may find that your home network needs upgrading.

Why You Need a Lightning-Fast Connection for Working from Home

When you work from home, you don’t have access to the professionally installed office network. At work, the system should have the bandwidth to accommodate every employee using their computers. However, at home, you may not have such an optimized system. If you notice that your virtual meetings require regular buffering or disconnections of the audio or video, it’s time to upgrade the system you have.

Are You Hardwired or Wireless for Your Work Computer?

When working from home, you need to have the fastest network connection possible. Use the same guidelines that professional home audio and video installers use for setting up a home network. Devices that depend on a stable connection need cables to connect them to the home network. Streaming televisions fall into this category, and your work computer should, too. In both cases, you want to have a connection that keeps the video stream live and without lagging.

Wireless devices can lose their speed and network strength the farther from the router they are. However, for some devices, such as smartphones, this is less problematic than for streaming screens or your work computer.

Optimize Your Home Network for Your Work Computer and Everything Else

If you need help optimizing your home networks to allow you to work remotely with a strong, reliable internet connection, contact Experience Audio Video Inc. We do more than just set up home entertainment systems. We have the ability to connect everything to your home’s network to get the beset connection from every device based on its use.

Contact Experience Audio Video Inc. for a Better Home Network for Remote Working

Don’t miss out on another important meeting because your internet connection gave out. Contact us at Experience Audio Video Inc. to get your home network optimized for work and entertainment.








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Drive-In Theaters in Your Backyard with an Outdoor Entertainment Center

During their height of popularity, there were 4000 drive-in theaters in the United States. While drive-in theaters have disappeared from much of the country, in some parts, they are making comebacks with 325 of these theaters scattered around the nation. Part of the appeal of these theaters is watching a movie under the stars in the privacy of your vehicle. You can get a similar experience in your backyard with an entertainment center.

Surround Sound Built Into the Landscape for Outdoor Entertainment

If you have a home theater, it includes surround sound to provide the most immersive viewing experience. You can get the same quality audio with an outdoor entertainment system. By carefully concealing speakers into the landscape, you get quality sound without spoiling the natural look of your backyard.

Flat Screen Television for Watching on the Patio 

A flat screen television provides the viewing experience for your outdoor entertainment system. However, you could also choose a projector for an even larger view. You can watch your favorite movies or TV shows with your friends and family from the pool, around the barbecue pit, or while lounging on your patio.

Lighting Controls for Better Viewing for Outdoor Entertainment

You already know that the lighting is important for your indoor home theater. It is also essential for getting the most out of your experience with your outdoor system. A professionally installed system can include lights that you can dim or turn off from your tablet or phone while you control the volume of your surround sound.

Improve Your Backyard with a Drive-In Experience from Your Outdoor Entertainment System

At Experience Audio Video Inc., we can install a complete outdoor entertainment system in your yard. Choose the elements you want from surround sound and lights to a simple television with audio on the patio area. Our professionals can provide you with the chance to watch your favorite movies outside in the privacy of your backyard with your friends, family, or loved ones. Contact us to schedule your professional A/V consultation to find the perfect equipment for your outdoor entertainment experience.









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Choosing a Staycation? Turn Your Backyard into a Resort-Like Setting with Outdoor Entertainment Options

The pandemic severely curtained traveling outside of the country. In fact, as of 2020, 63% of American adults had taken a staycation. Even in 2022, traveling abroad is still difficult. However, you can make your home a resort for a staycation by upgrading your outdoor entertainment system.

What Is a Staycation?

If you’ve never heard of a staycation, don’t worry. Only 51% of American adults know the term. It refers to a vacation in which you remain in your hometown instead of traveling elsewhere. Many people opt for a staycation to save money. However, occasionally, travel restrictions, such as during the pandemic, forced many people’s travel plans to convert into staycations.

How to Transform Your Backyard with an Outdoor Entertainment System

One of the things that sets a resort apart from a standard backyard is its use of audio and video equipment outside to create an entertainment spot for concerts, parties, and more. A home outdoor entertainment system has all the elements of an indoor one. However, you need professional installers to install the equipment to protect it from the elements and hide it within the landscape.

Aspects of an outdoor entertainment system include audio speakers hidden around the area, a television under a pavilion or patio, and a lighting system to control the degree of lighting in the area. For instance, you likely already have lighting to provide security, safety, and aesthetic appeal around your backyard. However, an outdoor entertainment system could integrate your lighting so you can dim the lights to better see your outdoor television. You could also adjust the lighting level if you want to create a party atmosphere.

Unlike a Staycation, You’ll Enjoy Your Upgraded Yard All-Year Long

With a staycation, you can only enjoy the experience while your holiday lasts. However, if you turn your yard into a resort-worthy entertainment area, you can enjoy it while you live in your home. Why not make an investment in your home’s entertainment value by adding an outdoor entertainment center.

Start on Your Ultimate Resort-Style Backyard by Contacting Us at Experience Audio Video Inc.

Don’t wait for your next staycation to transform your backyard. Contact us at Experience Audio Video Inc. to transform your backyard into the ultimate outdoor entertainment spot.








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Busting the Myths Surrounding Smart Homes and Home Automation

Smart homes today are easier than ever to install thanks to the widespread use of secure, high-speed home networks. However, many people are still afraid to embrace the technology of home automation and connectivity. Don’t believe the myths about these high-tech tools in your home. Learn the truth about home automation and smart homes to discover how they can improve your life.

Home Automation Is Complicated to Use

The truth about automation in homes is that it does not have to be complicated. With the right setup, everything can tie into an app on your tablet or smart phone. The app lets you control everything in your home connected to it from your lights and blinds to your air conditioner thermostat. Using the app is even easier than trying to use a universal remote for your home theater.

Anyone Can Install Smart Home Equipment

Installing all the equipment to transform your living space into a smart home is not something to take on over a weekend. The process may require feeding wires through the walls for optimizing connections where high-speed and consistency is essential. For instance, if you want to have streaming movies in your home theater or play video games online.

A professional installer can tell you which elements of your smart home work best over wifi and which ones require wired connections. They can also install the correct connections and setup the equipment. These tasks are so complex that most homeowners will not have the time or knowledge to complete them properly. The intricacy of installing home automation systems is why 60% of homebuilders who create smart homes hire professional home automation installers.

Hackers Can Get into Your Home Appliances

Hacking has been a problem for some smart homes in the past. However, if you have a secure home network with password protection and professional setup, you mitigate the hazards of hackers. Use standard networking safety by not giving your network password to anyone and changing it regularly.

Contact Experience Audio Video to Get Your Home Automation Equipment Installed

Now that you know that home automation is easier to use and safer than you thought, you can contact a professional for installation. At Experience Audio Video Inc., we’ve served Orange County area homes with quality home automation, audio equipment, video systems, and much more. Contact us today to make your home smarter.