Automated climate control does more than take away the constant battles over the thermostat. Using these systems can save you up to 10% on your annual heating and cooling costs. In mild southern California, you can achieve even greater energy savings. With an automated system, your home will always feel comfortable whenever you’re in it. Plus, you have the option of integrating lighting into your home’s automated system for even greater control and comfort over your environment.

Why You Need Less Control Over Climate Control

One reason that switching to automated temperature control for your home saves money is the ability of the system to change when you’re not at home. Plus, you don’t have family members constantly adjusting the thermostat to their comfort, which can waste energy. If leaving control of the thermostat to your family causes strife and high energy bills, you need to switch to automated climate control.

App Control of Your Home’s Heating and Cooling from Anywhere

What sets automated climate controls apart from other options is the ability to access the system from anywhere. For example, you can change the programmed settings if you find out that you will be late getting home from work. Alternatively, if you have an unexpected sick day, you can adjust the thermostat for more comfort from your tablet while you stay in bed.

Lighting and Climate Automation at Your Fingertips

With automation, you only need a tablet to control your home’s temperature and lighting. For instance, by using set themes, you can adjust the lights to make a room better for watching movies, having dinner, or relaxing with a book. Climate controls give you charge over the way that you regulate your home’s temperatures whether you are at home or away.

Take Control Over Your Lighting, Heating, and Cooling Systems with Experience Audio Video Inc.

Home automation for your climate control and lighting system is no longer a thing of the future. Make it a part of your life to save money and increase convenience by contacting us at Experience Audio Video Inc. We will set up a system to let you take control of lights and your thermostat from a central location or an app. Make the rest of the year more comfortable for your home with automation to upgrade your environment.





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