Audio and video equipment are vital to modern life. In fact, around the world, home audio equipment generated $20.1 billion US dollars in sales in 2019. If you don’t already have high-quality audio and video equipment in your home, you’re missing out on better movie and music experiences. Start your upgrade with a whole home AV system that will improve your home’s equipment and eliminate clutter.

Visual Clutter Around Your Home Can Stress Your Mind and Body

Did you know that clutter will distract your mind to make thinking more difficult? Clutter also has negative impacts on your mental and physical wellbeing. Seeing clutter, especially on a daily basis, can cause significant stress, which triggers cycles of worsening depression and anxiety and reduced ability to fight off illness. By clearing up the clutter in your home, you could make your space a healthier, happier place to be in.

How a Whole Home AV System Hides the Clutter

Setting up individual areas for AV systems often comes with a DIY approach. Most homeowners don’t worry about hiding the tangle of cords after setting up a home theater or other AV system. However, over time, the stress of seeing the clutter builds to cause mental strain. Even if stress only happens when needing to access the outlet behind the AV system, it still impacts life.

A whole home AV system incorporates the cables and wires into the home’s walls, similar to how home electrical systems hide wires inside the home. Since these types of systems require exceptional care during installation, leave the planning and setup of them to professionals. Even if you don’t have in-wall cables, experts still know how to keep cords out of sight.

Other Perks of a Whole Home AV System

Another benefit to a whole home AV system is the ability to take your shows with you throughout the home. You can start watching something in the kitchen and continue to see it when you walk into the living room. If you want to play music, you can hear it in every room of the house, or only in areas you specify.

Cut Clutter and Improve Your Whole Home AV System with Experience Audio Video Inc.

Contact us at Experience Audio Video Inc. if you want to upgrade your home’s AV system and eliminate clutter around your home. You’ll feel more peaceful without having to worry about tripping over cables and cords when walking around. Plus, you won’t have the mental stress of seeing cluttered cables around your home. Start today with a call to Experience Audio Video Inc. to get your AV system set up and hide the clutter for good.




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