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Stop the Battle for the Thermostat with Automated Climate Control and Lighting

Automated climate control does more than take away the constant battles over the thermostat. Using these systems can save you up to 10% on your annual heating and cooling costs. In mild southern California, you can achieve even greater energy savings. With an automated system, your home will always feel comfortable whenever you’re in it. Plus, you have the option of integrating lighting into your home’s automated system for even greater control and comfort over your environment.

Why You Need Less Control Over Climate Control

One reason that switching to automated temperature control for your home saves money is the ability of the system to change when you’re not at home. Plus, you don’t have family members constantly adjusting the thermostat to their comfort, which can waste energy. If leaving control of the thermostat to your family causes strife and high energy bills, you need to switch to automated climate control.

App Control of Your Home’s Heating and Cooling from Anywhere

What sets automated climate controls apart from other options is the ability to access the system from anywhere. For example, you can change the programmed settings if you find out that you will be late getting home from work. Alternatively, if you have an unexpected sick day, you can adjust the thermostat for more comfort from your tablet while you stay in bed.

Lighting and Climate Automation at Your Fingertips

With automation, you only need a tablet to control your home’s temperature and lighting. For instance, by using set themes, you can adjust the lights to make a room better for watching movies, having dinner, or relaxing with a book. Climate controls give you charge over the way that you regulate your home’s temperatures whether you are at home or away.

Take Control Over Your Lighting, Heating, and Cooling Systems with Experience Audio Video Inc.

Home automation for your climate control and lighting system is no longer a thing of the future. Make it a part of your life to save money and increase convenience by contacting us at Experience Audio Video Inc. We will set up a system to let you take control of lights and your thermostat from a central location or an app. Make the rest of the year more comfortable for your home with automation to upgrade your environment.





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Use Whole Home AV System To Reduce Clutter

Audio and video equipment are vital to modern life. In fact, around the world, home audio equipment generated $20.1 billion US dollars in sales in 2019. If you don’t already have high-quality audio and video equipment in your home, you’re missing out on better movie and music experiences. Start your upgrade with a whole home AV system that will improve your home’s equipment and eliminate clutter.

Visual Clutter Around Your Home Can Stress Your Mind and Body

Did you know that clutter will distract your mind to make thinking more difficult? Clutter also has negative impacts on your mental and physical wellbeing. Seeing clutter, especially on a daily basis, can cause significant stress, which triggers cycles of worsening depression and anxiety and reduced ability to fight off illness. By clearing up the clutter in your home, you could make your space a healthier, happier place to be in.

How a Whole Home AV System Hides the Clutter

Setting up individual areas for AV systems often comes with a DIY approach. Most homeowners don’t worry about hiding the tangle of cords after setting up a home theater or other AV system. However, over time, the stress of seeing the clutter builds to cause mental strain. Even if stress only happens when needing to access the outlet behind the AV system, it still impacts life.

A whole home AV system incorporates the cables and wires into the home’s walls, similar to how home electrical systems hide wires inside the home. Since these types of systems require exceptional care during installation, leave the planning and setup of them to professionals. Even if you don’t have in-wall cables, experts still know how to keep cords out of sight.

Other Perks of a Whole Home AV System

Another benefit to a whole home AV system is the ability to take your shows with you throughout the home. You can start watching something in the kitchen and continue to see it when you walk into the living room. If you want to play music, you can hear it in every room of the house, or only in areas you specify.

Cut Clutter and Improve Your Whole Home AV System with Experience Audio Video Inc.

Contact us at Experience Audio Video Inc. if you want to upgrade your home’s AV system and eliminate clutter around your home. You’ll feel more peaceful without having to worry about tripping over cables and cords when walking around. Plus, you won’t have the mental stress of seeing cluttered cables around your home. Start today with a call to Experience Audio Video Inc. to get your AV system set up and hide the clutter for good.




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Is Your Home Network Optimized? Find Out How to Get a Better Network to Serve All Your Home’s Connected Devices

Just about every home has a home network. The network connects devices within the home to the wireless router, which links the network to the internet. A quality internet connection is essential, but did you know that not every device in your home should be wireless. In fact, you will have better streaming and video gaming over hard-wired connections. Let an expert help you to optimize your home network to get the best performance from every device connected to it.

What Do You Have Connected to the Internet?

You may have more devices on your home network than you might first think. In fact, the average American has 25 devices connected to the internet in their home. The first things that come to mind will likely be your smartphones, tablets, and computers. However, you may also have televisions and audio systems network-connected for streaming movies and music. Additionally, some homes have smart appliances, such as refrigerators, thermostats, and ovens.

Professional Home Network Optimization

Most people don’t always understand the intricacies of optimizing their home network for ideal connectivity. They only set up each device to access their wireless network and consider the task done. However, a professional home network installer will know which devices you need to connect to the router via cables and which will work well over wireless connections.

For instance, if you have a computer that you stream video games on, you should connect the computer with a cable to the internet. The hardwire connection ensures that you have a constant, fast internet connection. The presence of other devices or distance from the router will not impact the speed of your connection when you stream with a wired network. However, your tablets and smartphones should remain wireless because their main benefits are their portability.

Additional Connectivity Options for Your Home

When setting up your house network, you can also integrate other devices into your system. For instance, install internet-connected security cameras to view the footage from any room in your home or anywhere away from home. Another network connection that you might want is automated climate control and lighting, which lets you adjust your home’s thermostat from any connected device. For more ideas, talk to your home network setup professional from Experience Audio Video Inc. who can help you to choose and install other home convenience options.

Make Your Home Network Work Better for Your Devices with Help from Experience Audio Video Inc.

Make the move to a better house network and ensure optimal performance from all your devices. Contact us at Experience Audio Video Inc. to find out how we can set up a network in your home that will get you the best use from every device you use. We’re specialists in turning homes into future-focused, connected homes that are comfortable for everyone in them. Let us give your house this type of upgrade for your network.





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Benefits of an Outdoor Entertainment Space

The pandemic shifted many ways of life, including how people prioritize their lives. Finding a healthier work-life balance has become essential for many. Therefore, you may find yourself working fewer hours for your mental health or due to your job’s changing benefits. Make the most of your time off work by creating a livable outdoor entertainment space.

Alternative to a Home Addition

Outdoor entertainment spaces give you extra room to relax and a new living area in your home. You don’t need to spend the money for constructing an addition. However, when you choose to turn your backyard into an outdoor living area, you still have a new space for dining, entertaining, cooking, or relaxing.

Outdoor living spaces are useful all year long in the mild southern California climate. When you add an outdoor kitchen and dining space you can have a casual entertaining area or spot for family meals in the fresh air.

Upgrade Home’s Value

Replacing your plain patio or backyard with an entertainment area upgrades your home’s total value. Speakers integrated into the landscape and around your patio create a one-of-a-kind, built-in sound system that will become an asset when you need to sell your home. Therefore, you can get a higher selling price when you want to move out. And, you can enjoy a comfortable space outside for watching movies or listening to music in the meantime.

Provide Space for Friends and Family

Despite the monetary reasons for upgrading your backyard, many people choose to take on the work of adding an outdoor entertainment area for the perks that it gave to their personal lives. The top reason that many people choose to upgrade their outdoor spaces, reported by 80% of survey respondents, was creating a place for time with friends and family.

Start Your Planning to Add an Outdoor Entertainment Space to Your Home Today

You don’t need to wait until the summer to get started on your outdoor entertainment space. In fact, the first quarter of the year is an ideal time to start thinking about what you want to include in your outdoor living area and discussing your needs with an expert A/V installer. Contact us at Experience Audio Video Inc. to start your planning for the ultimate outdoor entertainment and living space for your home.