The percentage of people who strongly prefer streaming movie premiers at home instead of going to the movie theaters has spiked in the last three years. Compared to November 2018 when only 15% of viewers strongly preferred streaming, a much greater number of people reported the same preference in June 2020, 36% of survey respondents. Even after the pandemic, this preference will likely remain as moviemakers offer their premiers both through at-home streaming services and in theaters. Get the most from your movie-watching experience by creating the ultimate home theater.

Home Theater Seating

The seats in your theater should be as comfortable as possible. Movie theaters are slowly changing their seats to resemble the couch at your home. Therefore, if you prefer the comfort of a couch to snuggle with loved ones or a recliner for extra relaxation, choose those. However, some people prefer the style of seats in theaters that recline and have built-in drink holders. You can find these home theater seats at many furniture stores.

Theater Lighting

The lighting in your home theater will determine the experience you have. You may choose ambient lighting to offset the brightness of an HD TV screen or pitch darkness if you have a projector. Discuss your lighting preferences with the home theater installer to find the best options for the type of screen you have and your personal tastes.

Theater Audio

Big surround sound turns a standard screening into a movie-watching event. Professional installers can create surround sound in your home theater. Well-designed sound systems generate audio on all sides of you during viewing. These pair with the scenes in the movie to create an atmosphere of being in the movie. For instance, in a movie, a vehicle may come from your right side and move across the screen. This action on the screen pairs with audio that moves from your right side to the left.

A professional setup and installed audio system ensures that you get the full sound experience of watching a movie in a commercial theater without leaving your home.

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