Your home lighting affects more than how well you can see. In fact, your sleep could depend on the type of lighting you have in your home. If you want to improve your home’s atmosphere and your sleep, upgrade your lighting system today with one or all of the following upgrades.

Automatic Dimming to Improve Sleep

Before sleep, shift your bedroom lighting to a warmer color palette and dimmer brightness. In a study, participants who experienced such conditions for 20 minutes before sleep eased their nervous system activity into sleep, resulting in more restful sleep.

Home automation for your lighting system lets you set a timer on your bedroom lights to make this change automatically before you go to bed.

Create Offset Lighting for Home Theaters or Television Viewing

Arrange lights in the background of your home theater or television room. These lights create the ideal ambient lighting for your viewing experience. With this type of background lighting, you avoid eye strain and have an experience more like one that you get in the movie theater.

In fact, with automation, you have the option to change the atmosphere of a room with a tap on your automation app. Quickly shift the tone of your living room from bright lights for doing paperwork to dimmer lighting for movie watching. Or, you can create warm, romantic lighting for evenings with your significant other.

Boost Home Security with Automated Lighting

Burglars tend to attack empty houses. When you have automated lights in your home that turn on at random times during the day, you give the illusion of people occupying your home, even if you are at work. Therefore, by upgrading to an automated home lighting system, you increase your home’s security.

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The lighting in your home affects many more aspects of your life than you may realize. Changing how you light your home can also make your life better, especially if you suffer from sleep problems or worry about home security. Upgrade your home’s lighting to improve your sleep, movie-watching experiences, and security. Contact us today at Experience Audio Video Inc. to start on improving your home’s lighting through automation and professional lighting installation.




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