Thinking about a home security system? You have several options available from those that include alarms monitored by a company to personally maintained security cameras. The latter is a less expensive option. And you can use these cameras alone or with another security system. If you choose security cameras, to fully cover your home, you need to pay attention to their placement around your house. Set up the cameras to view areas where a burglar will most likely walk through to produce the best results.

Inside or Outside Surveillance?

In a study conducted on people’s use of home security systems and their impressions of them, only 43% of participants had at least one security camera. A slight majority of those people, 55%, had one or more cameras inside their homes. To get the most out of home security cameras, you should consider interior and exterior coverage.

Cameras placed to look at your front and back doors and driveway can help to keep an eye on your home’s perimeter. But you should also have cameras inside in case a burglar sneaks around the outside cameras to approach your home. Plus, the more footage of the burglar you have, the greater the evidence police will have in finding them.

Home Security Cameras Inside Your House

When placing cameras around your home, stick to hallways, stairs, areas near the front and back door, and common rooms, such as kitchens or living rooms. Avoid placing them in bathrooms or bedrooms to protect the privacy of those you live with.

Added Benefits of Home Security Cameras Beyond Security

Checking on kids or pets is another benefit of having interior home security cameras. If you have latchkey kids or pets at home alone, you can see what they do when you are at work by checking the camera feed on your phone.

Additionally, with customized alerts to changes in the feed, the cameras can send you a text if something happens. Therefore, you can see if a fire starts in your home, where it begins, and call the fire department, even if you’re at work.

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