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Ultimate Home Theaters

The percentage of people who strongly prefer streaming movie premiers at home instead of going to the movie theaters has spiked in the last three years. Compared to November 2018 when only 15% of viewers strongly preferred streaming, a much greater number of people reported the same preference in June 2020, 36% of survey respondents. Even after the pandemic, this preference will likely remain as moviemakers offer their premiers both through at-home streaming services and in theaters. Get the most from your movie-watching experience by creating the ultimate home theater.

Home Theater Seating

The seats in your theater should be as comfortable as possible. Movie theaters are slowly changing their seats to resemble the couch at your home. Therefore, if you prefer the comfort of a couch to snuggle with loved ones or a recliner for extra relaxation, choose those. However, some people prefer the style of seats in theaters that recline and have built-in drink holders. You can find these home theater seats at many furniture stores.

Theater Lighting

The lighting in your home theater will determine the experience you have. You may choose ambient lighting to offset the brightness of an HD TV screen or pitch darkness if you have a projector. Discuss your lighting preferences with the home theater installer to find the best options for the type of screen you have and your personal tastes.

Theater Audio

Big surround sound turns a standard screening into a movie-watching event. Professional installers can create surround sound in your home theater. Well-designed sound systems generate audio on all sides of you during viewing. These pair with the scenes in the movie to create an atmosphere of being in the movie. For instance, in a movie, a vehicle may come from your right side and move across the screen. This action on the screen pairs with audio that moves from your right side to the left.

A professional setup and installed audio system ensures that you get the full sound experience of watching a movie in a commercial theater without leaving your home.

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Why wait to improve your movie-watching experience at home? Contact us at Experience Audio Video Inc. today to see how you can get the ultimate home theater in your house. Your next movie-watching experience at home could surpass the one that you had last time you visited a movie theater.







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How Home Automation Can Be Part of a Universal Home Design

People want to stay in their homes, even if their lives change. For instance, older people and those who experience incidents that make getting around difficult should not have to leave their homes due to these changes. Universal design makes it possible for everyone to feel comfortable in a home. Home automation can be a powerful component of this design style. If you want a more accessible, comfortable, and convenient home, consider universal home design with automation integrated into it.

What Is Universal Home Design?

Universal home design opens home plans and structures to allow anyone to feel comfortable in the home. Examples of universal design include removing barriers through the home such as narrow doorways or high counters. Anyone, regardless of physical ability, age, strength, stature, or health should feel capable of living in the home as independently as possible.

Why Is Universal Design Important in Today’s Homes?

Universal home design improves the ability of a home to remain a viable choice for seniors to live in. Therefore, your parents who may need to move in with you can comfortably get around your home if you have a universal design. The arrangement of slip-resistant floors, extra clearance, faucets that don’t require extra grip strength, and curbless showers let people who have reduced mobility or strength to easily move around the house. Plus, they can still care for themselves, cook, clean, and more without needing extra care.

Universal design is ideal for helping people to maintain independence and continue to live in their homes. Whether you personally need the design, have a relative who requires it, or want to make your home more desirable on the market, universal home design is a good renovation option for your home.

How Home Automation Fits into Universal Design?

An important part of universal design is automating lighting, cooling, audio systems, and window coverings easier. Home automation systems transfer control of all these systems to an app on a tablet or phone or to centrally located switches.

Automated lighting eliminates the need to change the location of all the light switches in your home. With control from an app, anyone can turn on the lights in the home as needed from their smartphone. The same program can also control home audio and climate control. If you or someone in your home uses a wheelchair, they don’t need to reach a thermostat high on the wall to change the air conditioner or heater temperature. They can use the app to adjust the temperature in the home.

Window shades are another component that home automation can control. Instead of opening and closing all the shades around the home, the system can adjust them as needed to maximize natural light or increase energy efficiency.

Let Us at Experience Audio Video Inc. Help You to Install Home Automation to Improve Your Home’s Accessibility for Everyone

Contact us at Experience Audio Video Inc. to start on upgrading your home to a universal design. We can install home automation in your home while you work with other contractors for changing structural components. If you want to create a universal home design in your home under construction, let us know. We work with contractors during construction to install automation systems, too. Make your home livable for anyone with home automation and universal design.







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Home Lighting Upgrades You Need Now

Your home lighting affects more than how well you can see. In fact, your sleep could depend on the type of lighting you have in your home. If you want to improve your home’s atmosphere and your sleep, upgrade your lighting system today with one or all of the following upgrades.

Automatic Dimming to Improve Sleep

Before sleep, shift your bedroom lighting to a warmer color palette and dimmer brightness. In a study, participants who experienced such conditions for 20 minutes before sleep eased their nervous system activity into sleep, resulting in more restful sleep.

Home automation for your lighting system lets you set a timer on your bedroom lights to make this change automatically before you go to bed.

Create Offset Lighting for Home Theaters or Television Viewing

Arrange lights in the background of your home theater or television room. These lights create the ideal ambient lighting for your viewing experience. With this type of background lighting, you avoid eye strain and have an experience more like one that you get in the movie theater.

In fact, with automation, you have the option to change the atmosphere of a room with a tap on your automation app. Quickly shift the tone of your living room from bright lights for doing paperwork to dimmer lighting for movie watching. Or, you can create warm, romantic lighting for evenings with your significant other.

Boost Home Security with Automated Lighting

Burglars tend to attack empty houses. When you have automated lights in your home that turn on at random times during the day, you give the illusion of people occupying your home, even if you are at work. Therefore, by upgrading to an automated home lighting system, you increase your home’s security.

Contact Experience Audio Video Inc. for Customized Home Lighting Installation and Automation

The lighting in your home affects many more aspects of your life than you may realize. Changing how you light your home can also make your life better, especially if you suffer from sleep problems or worry about home security. Upgrade your home’s lighting to improve your sleep, movie-watching experiences, and security. Contact us today at Experience Audio Video Inc. to start on improving your home’s lighting through automation and professional lighting installation.








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Best Places for Home Security Cameras Around the House

Thinking about a home security system? You have several options available from those that include alarms monitored by a company to personally maintained security cameras. The latter is a less expensive option. And you can use these cameras alone or with another security system. If you choose security cameras, to fully cover your home, you need to pay attention to their placement around your house. Set up the cameras to view areas where a burglar will most likely walk through to produce the best results.

Inside or Outside Surveillance?

In a study conducted on people’s use of home security systems and their impressions of them, only 43% of participants had at least one security camera. A slight majority of those people, 55%, had one or more cameras inside their homes. To get the most out of home security cameras, you should consider interior and exterior coverage.

Cameras placed to look at your front and back doors and driveway can help to keep an eye on your home’s perimeter. But you should also have cameras inside in case a burglar sneaks around the outside cameras to approach your home. Plus, the more footage of the burglar you have, the greater the evidence police will have in finding them.

Home Security Cameras Inside Your House

When placing cameras around your home, stick to hallways, stairs, areas near the front and back door, and common rooms, such as kitchens or living rooms. Avoid placing them in bathrooms or bedrooms to protect the privacy of those you live with.

Added Benefits of Home Security Cameras Beyond Security

Checking on kids or pets is another benefit of having interior home security cameras. If you have latchkey kids or pets at home alone, you can see what they do when you are at work by checking the camera feed on your phone.

Additionally, with customized alerts to changes in the feed, the cameras can send you a text if something happens. Therefore, you can see if a fire starts in your home, where it begins, and call the fire department, even if you’re at work.

Get Home Security Cameras with Access from Anywhere with Experience Audio Video Inc.

If you want to have the peace of mind that comes with a more secure home, contact us at Experience Audio Video Inc. to request professional installation of home security cameras inside and outside your home. You can have better security with our professional installation of these high-quality cameras that you can view right from your cellphone. Get started today with a call to us at 714-744-4455.