If you, like most Americans, have an HVAC system in your home to control the climate of your living space, you know how much of an energy hog this appliance can be. However, there are ways to make your home more comfortable and spend less on energy bills. To start, the best way is to look at your climate control options.

Climate Control and Energy Savings

Climate control systems that let you regulate the temperature of your home remotely work well for saving energy and convenience. For instance, you can turn on your air conditioner to cool the home on your way home from work. Or, if you leave the house and forgot to turn off the heater, you can do so from the app. These means of controlling your home’s climate make it more comfortable and allows you to keep the home at less comfortable temperatures while you’re away and adjust them to comfortable settings on your way home.

Other Ways to Reduce Energy Use

You can also reduce the energy used by your HVAC system in other ways aside from using a smart climate control system. Energy Star recommends sealing and insulating air ducts to save up to 20% on energy. Additionally, schedule annual inspections of your HVAC system, whether you’ve used it or not, to keep it in working order. Lastly, make sure to replace the filters to reduce the effort the system must use to move air through it. 

Why a Remotely Accessible Climate Control System Outperforms a Manual Control in Your Home

Programmable thermostats don’t allow for schedule changes. You could end up home sick from work and your home is uncomfortably hot due to the programming. Or, you have a holiday off and can’t stand to be in the house because the thermostat was programmed to keep the home warmer in the summer. In some cases, overriding the programming is difficult.

Manual thermostats are equally problematic. They require you to make frequent adjustments to the system to maintain the greatest balance of comfort and energy efficiency. However, you cannot control these types of thermostats remotely.

Remote climate control systems allow you to manually change the settings from an app on your phone. So, you don’t have to worry about setting up a specific schedule or changes to your daily life. Or, you can choose to set up easily adjusted programs to make your energy savings effortless.

Get Your Climate Control System Integrated into Your Overall Home Automation System with Experience Audio Video Inc.

You can make your home feel more comfortable and save money. Contact us at Experience Audio Video Inc. for climate control system installation. You can also integrate your lighting controls or music into the system for total control of your home, making it a smart home. Let us know how we can improve your home and your living conditions through automation.








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