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Save Money and Make Your Home More Comfortable with Climate Control Automation

If you, like most Americans, have an HVAC system in your home to control the climate of your living space, you know how much of an energy hog this appliance can be. However, there are ways to make your home more comfortable and spend less on energy bills. To start, the best way is to look at your climate control options.

Climate Control and Energy Savings

Climate control systems that let you regulate the temperature of your home remotely work well for saving energy and convenience. For instance, you can turn on your air conditioner to cool the home on your way home from work. Or, if you leave the house and forgot to turn off the heater, you can do so from the app. These means of controlling your home’s climate make it more comfortable and allows you to keep the home at less comfortable temperatures while you’re away and adjust them to comfortable settings on your way home.

Other Ways to Reduce Energy Use

You can also reduce the energy used by your HVAC system in other ways aside from using a smart climate control system. Energy Star recommends sealing and insulating air ducts to save up to 20% on energy. Additionally, schedule annual inspections of your HVAC system, whether you’ve used it or not, to keep it in working order. Lastly, make sure to replace the filters to reduce the effort the system must use to move air through it. 

Why a Remotely Accessible Climate Control System Outperforms a Manual Control in Your Home

Programmable thermostats don’t allow for schedule changes. You could end up home sick from work and your home is uncomfortably hot due to the programming. Or, you have a holiday off and can’t stand to be in the house because the thermostat was programmed to keep the home warmer in the summer. In some cases, overriding the programming is difficult.

Manual thermostats are equally problematic. They require you to make frequent adjustments to the system to maintain the greatest balance of comfort and energy efficiency. However, you cannot control these types of thermostats remotely.

Remote climate control systems allow you to manually change the settings from an app on your phone. So, you don’t have to worry about setting up a specific schedule or changes to your daily life. Or, you can choose to set up easily adjusted programs to make your energy savings effortless.

Get Your Climate Control System Integrated into Your Overall Home Automation System with Experience Audio Video Inc.

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lighting controls

Lighting Controls Let You Create the Mood at the Touch of a Button

When it comes to controlling aspects of your home, you may not immediately think about automating your lighting. After all, you can just flip a switch to turn on the lights. But integrating lighting controls into your home’s network can help you to live more comfortably and make your home more energy-efficient.

Energy Savings from Lighting Controls

When you connect your lights to remote controls or automation, you can see dramatic energy savings. Depending on how you have the system set up, you could save a lot in the amount that you spend to light your home. A study shows that lights connected to control systems in commercial buildings save between 24 and 38% on energy for lighting. You could see similar savings in your home. 

Ease of Operation

With controlled lighting, you can simply switch lights on in any room from an app on your phone. Imagine not having to get out of bed to turn off the bedroom light. Or you can turn on multiple lights in one room without having to walk around and manually switch them all on.

Adding your personalized lighting scenes also improves the operation of your lights. For example, you can select the movie-watching lighting option from the control app and watch as the lights go down in your home theater.

App Access to Lights from Anywhere

Wherever your phone or tablet goes, you have control of your home lighting. So, you can turn off the lights from work if you forgot to do so. Or while on vacation, you can turn lights on around your home to make it look like your home is occupied and deter would-be burglars. Plus, you can connect your climate controls to the lighting to optimize your home’s energy efficiency and convenience.

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media racks

Organize Your Home’s A/V Equipment on Media Racks

Did you know that only 32.9% of consumers reported lack of space as a reason for not organizing their homes? You likely have the space you need for media equipment. However, you need to organize it properly to make the most of the space you have. Improving home organization is where media racks come in.

What Are Media Racks?

Media racks are a way of organizing all your home media and automation systems into one place. While standard sizes and forms are available, to make the most of your space you should have custom-built racks.

With wood or steel options ensure that the media storage are both practical for storage and aesthetically pleasing additions to your home. Customized designs fit within entertainment centers or closets. Therefore, you can house all your home’s audio/video equipment or home automation systems in one place inside a tasteful media rack.

Why You Need Media Racks in Your Home

If you want to upgrade your home to centralized control of your media, why not have your home’s A/V equipment all in one central location? With A/V equipment all on a media rack, storage and access are simple. Plus, you don’t have to wonder which room has your home’s music system and which houses the network router. Putting all your media equipment into one place also makes wiring and setting up the network easier.

Racks for Media Storage and Home Automation

Just because you want to enjoy music throughout your home or operate your lights with a home automation system doesn't mean that you have to see the equipment or wires. With media racks, the ugly equipment stays hidden away and organized. You only have to enjoy the benefits of having such a system when you invest in media storage rack.

Improve Your Home’s Efficiency and Organization with Help from Experience Audio Video Inc.

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