Listening to music is a common factor in daily life. In fact, 75% of people who work from home listen to music weekly. On a daily basis, 40% of people have music playing at home while they work remotely. Whether you listen to music to keep you company while working from home or use it as a relaxation tool in your off time, you can make your home a better place for your tunes with multiroom music.

The Problem with Listening to Music on Your Phone Around the House

Most people listen to music on their phones, carrying the devices with them as they move around. However, the speakers on phones can only provide mediocre sound quality. Plus, the battery can run down in your phone, especially when streaming, leaving you to find a charger. Even if you have headphones, you’re still tied to your phone.

What Is Multiroom Music?

Multiroom music solves these problems by giving you big, high-quality sound from carefully concealed speakers throughout your home. You can control what you listen to and where from an app on your phone, reducing the streaming strain on your battery and letting you hear music wherever you go.

Benefits of Multiroom Music

When you choose multiroom listening, the music maintains the same volume as you move between rooms. No more sound fading as you walk away from a radio. So, you can have music playing in your kitchen and on your back patio for a summer barbecue. Or, you can listen to your favorite playlist from only the living room. The options are many when you have a sound system integrated into your home.

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