You may think of your home network as only a means of delivering internet to your phones and computers. In fact, 93% of adults use the internet in the United States. Plus, three-fourths of homes have broadband internet access. While internet access is important, there are many other things that your home’s network can do through the internet. In fact, you can turn your home into a smart home through your network.

Internet and Your Home Network

The major use of a home network is getting online. This could mean accessing the internet, streaming movies or music, or gaming with others. These internet uses require high-speed networks to adapt to everyone in the home.

Many of these uses also work best with wired connectivity. For instance, streaming movies and gaming online are optimized through hardwired network connections because there is a lower chance for Wi-Fi problems to cause disruptions. Wireless works well for basic internet browsing or even some music streaming. If you only use your network to get online, though, you could be missing out.

Home Automation Through Your Network

Home automation allows you to take control of components of your home remotely. For instance, you can adjust your lights, window shades, and HVAC system to create the most comfortable atmosphere possible even before you arrive at home.

The key component of this type of system is network connectivity with these devices. By connecting your home’s system to your network, automated systems allow you to control individual components remotely from an app on your phone.

Security with Your Home Meshwork

Your home network is a vital part of your home security, too. By connecting cameras to your meshwork, you can access them from work, vacation, or the road to check on your home, your pets, or your kids. This type of home security would not be possible without a properly setup home meshwork.

Have a Reliable Home Meshwork Set Up by Our Experts at Experience Audio Video Inc.

If you want to make the most of your home network, contact us at Experience Audio Video Inc. We can help you set up wired connections where they will most benefit your house and establish wireless where necessary. Plus, if you want to integrate home automation or security into your network, we can do those, too. Let us turn your house into a smart house with network-connected devices.





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