Smart window treatments are a hot trend right now. In 2019, the market for these window coverings had a value of $3.88 billion with expected growth to $6.09 billion by 2025. This means that homes with motorized shade will become the norm. Is your home ready to become a futuristic one with motorized shade?

How Do Motorized Shades Differ from Standard Window Coverings?

Motorized shades provide much greater convenience than standard window coverings. With the motor operation, you use a remote control to open or close the window shades. With this operation, you don’t have to climb to awkward or dangerous positions to open or close window shades.

Motorized window shades have multiple options to ensure that your home can get the benefits of natural sunlight during the morning and evening and protection from the sun during the afternoon when damaging UV rays are strongest. With these shades, you enjoy beautiful window coverings that are much more convenient than those that use manual controls.

Why Have Motorized Window Shades?

You will find several benefits of motorized shades in your home. First, if you find yourself taking several minutes every day to raise and lower shades throughout your home, you could be wasting hours of time over a year doing this chore. With motorized shades, you can save time by moving any window shades in your home from an app on your iPad or centralized control.

Second, if you have windows that have inconvenient locations but you still move the shades on them, remote-operated shades can keep you safe. For instance, instead of climbing over a bathtub to open shades in the bathroom, use motorized shades to safely open them from the ground.

Where to Install Motorized Window Treatments in Your Home

You can install motorized shades anywhere in your home. If you have windows with coverings on them, you can upgrade those to motorized control. Therefore, those high windows over entry foyers can benefit from motorized shades to regulate sunlight with the touch of a screen.

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