multiroom music

Turn Your Home into Your Personal Listening Studio with Multiroom Music

Listening to music is a common factor in daily life. In fact, 75% of people who work from home listen to music weekly. On a daily basis, 40% of people have music playing at home while they work remotely. Whether you listen to music to keep you company while working from home or use it as a relaxation tool in your off time, you can make your home a better place for your tunes with multiroom music.

The Problem with Listening to Music on Your Phone Around the House

Most people listen to music on their phones, carrying the devices with them as they move around. However, the speakers on phones can only provide mediocre sound quality. Plus, the battery can run down in your phone, especially when streaming, leaving you to find a charger. Even if you have headphones, you’re still tied to your phone.

What Is Multiroom Music?

Multiroom music solves these problems by giving you big, high-quality sound from carefully concealed speakers throughout your home. You can control what you listen to and where from an app on your phone, reducing the streaming strain on your battery and letting you hear music wherever you go.

Benefits of Multiroom Music

When you choose multiroom listening, the music maintains the same volume as you move between rooms. No more sound fading as you walk away from a radio. So, you can have music playing in your kitchen and on your back patio for a summer barbecue. Or, you can listen to your favorite playlist from only the living room. The options are many when you have a sound system integrated into your home.

Get Your Home Setup for Listening to Music in Any Room by Contacting Us at Experience Audio Video Inc.

If you want to get better quality music throughout your home, contact us today at Experience Audio Video Inc. We have the experience and expertise to install an optimized sound system for every room in your home – even outside. Start getting better audio quality and an improved listening experience now with multiroom music.





Home Theater

One App to Rule Them All – Home Theater Operation from Your iPad

A Home theater may have remote controls for every element. If you have a basket dedicating to remotes for your Blu-Ray player, TV, cable box, and a mystery remote you’re not sure of what it controls, you need to upgrade your home media system. With properly installed and set up home entertainment system, you can operate everything from your phone or iPad. So, ditch the basket of remotes and upgrade to a simpler option.

How Remote Controls Work

Remote controls operate by sending signals via infrared beams from a small light-emitting diode (LED) light on the front. The television uses a receiver to detect signals from these lights. The remote delivers signals for the make and model of the TV to ensure that it only pairs with the TV and not the Blu-ray player or other device. Plus, it sends the information about what it wants to do.

Universal remotes require separate programming for each of the devices they are used on. Plus, you usually have to hit a button on the remote indicating the device you want to use.

Remote controls are a good option for controlling one device in one room because their signals can only extend 35 to 70 feet. However, many modern homes have centralized control or multiple systems. For these, a radio-frequency remote with greater distance or an app is the best option for control of your home's spread-out media systems.

Networked Home Theater Systems

Connecting home theater systems together via a network allows for single-source control of music throughout the house or even integrating home automation with media. For instance, you can adjust the light and music in your home to create a more relaxing mood or to boost the tone of a party. With wired and wireless network technology, such connectivity is possible.

App Control of a Home Theater

Rather than relying on a remote or basket of remote controls for your home theater, you only need your smartphone or a table. Through an app, you can control your home theater, check your home security cameras, or modulate the lighting or climate. To ensure that you have precise control through an app, get a professional setup of your home theater from our experts at Experience Audio Video Inc.

Contact Experience Audio Video Inc. for Professional Setup of Your Home Theater for App Control

If you want to get rid of your remote basket and upgrade your home theater, contact us at Experience Audio Video Inc. We can set up your home media, automation, and much more. Your home can be more convenient and comfortable with app control of your home media and other systems.





home network

Your Home Network Is More Important Than You Think

You may think of your home network as only a means of delivering internet to your phones and computers. In fact, 93% of adults use the internet in the United States. Plus, three-fourths of homes have broadband internet access. While internet access is important, there are many other things that your home’s network can do through the internet. In fact, you can turn your home into a smart home through your network.

Internet and Your Home Network

The major use of a home network is getting online. This could mean accessing the internet, streaming movies or music, or gaming with others. These internet uses require high-speed networks to adapt to everyone in the home.

Many of these uses also work best with wired connectivity. For instance, streaming movies and gaming online are optimized through hardwired network connections because there is a lower chance for Wi-Fi problems to cause disruptions. Wireless works well for basic internet browsing or even some music streaming. If you only use your network to get online, though, you could be missing out.

Home Automation Through Your Network

Home automation allows you to take control of components of your home remotely. For instance, you can adjust your lights, window shades, and HVAC system to create the most comfortable atmosphere possible even before you arrive at home.

The key component of this type of system is network connectivity with these devices. By connecting your home’s system to your network, automated systems allow you to control individual components remotely from an app on your phone.

Security with Your Home Meshwork

Your home network is a vital part of your home security, too. By connecting cameras to your meshwork, you can access them from work, vacation, or the road to check on your home, your pets, or your kids. This type of home security would not be possible without a properly setup home meshwork.

Have a Reliable Home Meshwork Set Up by Our Experts at Experience Audio Video Inc.

If you want to make the most of your home network, contact us at Experience Audio Video Inc. We can help you set up wired connections where they will most benefit your house and establish wireless where necessary. Plus, if you want to integrate home automation or security into your network, we can do those, too. Let us turn your house into a smart house with network-connected devices.





motorized shades

Opt for Motorized Shades to Enjoy the Sun from the Comfort of Your Own Home

Smart window treatments are a hot trend right now. In 2019, the market for these window coverings had a value of $3.88 billion with expected growth to $6.09 billion by 2025. This means that homes with motorized shade will become the norm. Is your home ready to become a futuristic one with motorized shade?

How Do Motorized Shades Differ from Standard Window Coverings?

Motorized shades provide much greater convenience than standard window coverings. With the motor operation, you use a remote control to open or close the window shades. With this operation, you don’t have to climb to awkward or dangerous positions to open or close window shades.

Motorized window shades have multiple options to ensure that your home can get the benefits of natural sunlight during the morning and evening and protection from the sun during the afternoon when damaging UV rays are strongest. With these shades, you enjoy beautiful window coverings that are much more convenient than those that use manual controls.

Why Have Motorized Window Shades?

You will find several benefits of motorized shades in your home. First, if you find yourself taking several minutes every day to raise and lower shades throughout your home, you could be wasting hours of time over a year doing this chore. With motorized shades, you can save time by moving any window shades in your home from an app on your iPad or centralized control.

Second, if you have windows that have inconvenient locations but you still move the shades on them, remote-operated shades can keep you safe. For instance, instead of climbing over a bathtub to open shades in the bathroom, use motorized shades to safely open them from the ground.

Where to Install Motorized Window Treatments in Your Home

You can install motorized shades anywhere in your home. If you have windows with coverings on them, you can upgrade those to motorized control. Therefore, those high windows over entry foyers can benefit from motorized shades to regulate sunlight with the touch of a screen.

Contact Experience Audio Video Inc. for Professional Motorized Shade Installation

If you want to make an investment in your home with smart window treatments, contact us at Experience Audio Video Inc. to find out more about motorized window shade installation. We can help to make your home more comfortable with this and many other home automation options. Give your home an upgrade and treat yourself to the convenience of remotely controlling your home.