If you’re like many homeowners in Orange County, you are tired of dealing with an unreliable home network. In fact, many homeowners in Southern California aren’t even aware that the new, high-tech smart devices in their homes require greater networking systems than the typical router. 

The team at Experience Audio Video in Orange County can help create a custom Smart Home network installation that is customized for your needs. Here are the main components needed.

4 Important Networking Features for Your Orange County Home 

  1. Router – The router is the center of your home networking. Its job is to direct traffic to and from all of your smart devices. It is essential to choose a router with high bandwidth that is designed to handle data traffic via several devices in separate zones, which is exactly what your Smart Home requires.
  2. Network Switch – Connecting all of the devices in your Smart Home to make a cohesive network system, the network switch monitors data performance as well as traffic so that your devices work flawlessly together in your Orange County home.
  3. Wireless and Wired Connections – While wireless seems to be all the craze in today’s high-tech world, there are definitely times when a wired connection will work best. We all know that cell phones and tablets benefit from a wireless connection, however, devices like 4K TV’s that are rarely moved, work much better using hard-wired Ethernet connections.
  4. Secure Networks – The security of your network is crucial for your Southern California Smart Home. Since there is always a chance of being hacked with a wireless system if it is not set up properly, having your network installed by professional audio and video experts will guarantee that all of your devices and private information is safe and secure from hackers.

Experience Audio and Video – Your Orange County Smart Home Networking Specialists 

If your Orange County Smart Home network is not doing its job or simply needs to be updated with the latest technology, contact the team at Experience Audio Video. We are your certified Southern California home network installers and can design a custom, reliable, and secure networking solution for your Smart Home.



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