Today’s new construction state-of-the-art Smart Home is full of all of the latest technology – including cool automation features. This new technology is a popular choice for buyers in the new home construction space in Southern California. 

This in-demand Smart Home automation technology is definitely not a trend, as architects and builders in Orange County are including this high-tech automation into their home design plans. They know this is a premium upscale amenity that savvy homeowners in Southern California will demand for years to come. 

What is Smart Home Automation Technology?

Adding technology and devices to automate routine tasks in your Orange County home is the latest way California homeowners can customize their space to utilize the latest automation technology. The fact that you are doing away with daily manual tasks and decreasing monthly home operating costs makes it super convenient for homeowners to customize your space in seconds with the simple click of a button. 

This automated Smart Home technology can help you operate anything from custom motorized blinds and shades to high-tech hidden speakers that can get the party started with the flick of a switch…and can be added right into the design plans for your home for custom installation during new construction.

Not only is the use of Smart Home technology a popular choice by homeowners in Orange County, but a recent study indicates that almost 45% of homeowners who are in the process of renovating have chosen to use automated smart technology in their new home design. This is in addition to the rise in popularity with the new home construction market. California’s savvy homebuyers almost always choose an automated Smart Home when given a choice. 

The Professional Team at Experience Audio Video is Your Orange County Smart Technology Experts

The team at Experience Audio Video in Orange County can help you create the Smart Home of your dreams. We work directly with architects and builders in Southern California to ensure your needs are addressed during the design process, as well as with site managers during construction for a smooth installation of your Smart Home technology. Contact us today to learn more about making yours an automated Smart Home.


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