No matter what type of home theater system you choose to have installed in your Orange County home, don’t forget the important role that sound plays in your enjoyment of your private cinema.

Immersive Experience

For a truly immersive experience from your home theater, it pays to invest in a quality speaker and audio system. While viewing movies in stereo offers good sound in the main area you are watching in, it simply does not have the effect that an amazing multi-channel surround sound system does. When the audio from your movie is coming at you from all sides, it creates a unique 3-D sound that adds action and excitement to your viewing experience every time.

Professional Installer Team

The professional team at Experience Audio Video offers a variety of speaker options for your home. If you want to conceal the speakers in your Southern California home, choose from in-wall and in-ceiling speakers for the perfect surround sound. Or homeowners may also choose from a variety of different types of home audio system speakers including floor speakers, bookshelf speakers, or have some of each installed for a custom designed audio experience. 

The best part about this new modern technology is that you can easily control all the features of your home theater’s audio system from a user and design-friendly in-wall touchscreen or with your cell phone. Quality and convenience in one amazing audio package is the Experience Audio Video way!

Professional Orange County Audio and Video System Installation

Ready to upgrade your movie watching experience with a custom home theater that includes surround sound audio? Learn more about custom audio features and the importance of sound for your home theater system from the professional team at Experience Audio Video. Contact us today for a free quote. 


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