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5 Benefits of Home Automation

Are you ready to live the luxury lifestyle in Southern California? If so, a home automation system from Experience Audio Video may be just the thing you need. Not only will a custom home automation system make your technology so much easier to operate; but it also adds to the safety of your home.

Here are the top five reasons to have a professionally installed automation system in your Orange County home. 

5 Benefits of Automation for Your Orange County House

  1. Ease of Use - There is nothing simpler than having an automated home. From setting the temperature of your thermostat and lighting that comes on just when you need it, to automating your routines and monitoring your security system – ease of use and convenience is perfected with a home automation system.
  2. Health and Wellness – A new trend in home automation is health and wellness. Advancements such as a tunable white lighting system allows your lights to adjust throughout the day in both brightness and intensity to enhance your body’s natural rhythm. 
  3. Entertainment – From movies to TV, watch all of your favorites on a 4K display, listen to your favorite music in every room, and more with an automated entertainment system from Experience Audio Video. 
  4. Set the Mood – This integrated home technology can be used to set any mood and transform any space with lights, music, and more. Perfect for a romantic dinner, an elegant affair, or a rockin’ party with the click of a button. 
  5. Keeps You Safe – Home automation is an excellent way to keep your house and family safe. With a simple click, you can secure every entrance, close the shades, and set your security alarm. In fact, you can set all of this to automatically perform each evening.

Ready to LiveA Life of Luxury with Professional Smart House?

Let our professional team help you design the perfect smart house system with all the bells and whistles! Contact us today to learn more about your home automation options from Experience Audio Video.


home theater

Today's Home Theater is the Perfect Combination of Style and Technology

While the main purpose of a home theater is for entertainment purposes; let’s be real — it also has to look good. Not only do homeowners want their dedicated home theater to give the ultimate movie watching experience, but the system also has to go well with the decor of your Southern California home.

Installation and aesthetics are one of the most important reasons savvy homeowners in Orange County hire a professional home theater installation company when they are looking to upgrade or install a private home cinema.

Home Theater Installation in Orange County 

If you are considering a new installation for your home but are nervous about how this new audio video technology will look in your California home — don’t worry. Hiring the professionals at Experience Audio Video can turn your family room or dedicated theater room into a stylish entertainment space you will enjoy spending time in. Here are some ways to add a designer touch to your space when installing a high-tech home theater in your Southern California home. 

The Perfect Installation of Video Screens, Projectors, Speakers, and More

Whether you choose a projector or a flat-screen TV for your home theater in Orange County, rest assured that everything that you don’t want to see can be easily concealed and revealed at your command. From pressing a single button that lowers or raises your flat screen when not in use to projector screens that look like artwork, there are no worries at all about the video screens obstructing your beautiful decor. 

In addition, while you want to hear the surround sound from your high-tech speakers – you may (or may not) want to see them. There are several installation options for speakers, including those with a theatrical look, elegant floor speakers, and even bookshelf speakers. There are also speakers that you cannot see which are installed in the wall and ceiling. Speakers can be controlled via an in-wall touchscreen or with your smartphone.  

Today’s home theater is a great combination of advanced technology that complements your interior design features and provides the ultimate gathering space in your home. Contact Experience Audio Video today to learn more.


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Home Theater System Sound

No matter what type of home theater system you choose to have installed in your Orange County home, don’t forget the important role that sound plays in your enjoyment of your private cinema.

Immersive Experience

For a truly immersive experience from your home theater, it pays to invest in a quality speaker and audio system. While viewing movies in stereo offers good sound in the main area you are watching in, it simply does not have the effect that an amazing multi-channel surround sound system does. When the audio from your movie is coming at you from all sides, it creates a unique 3-D sound that adds action and excitement to your viewing experience every time.

Professional Installer Team

The professional team at Experience Audio Video offers a variety of speaker options for your home. If you want to conceal the speakers in your Southern California home, choose from in-wall and in-ceiling speakers for the perfect surround sound. Or homeowners may also choose from a variety of different types of home audio system speakers including floor speakers, bookshelf speakers, or have some of each installed for a custom designed audio experience. 

The best part about this new modern technology is that you can easily control all the features of your home theater’s audio system from a user and design-friendly in-wall touchscreen or with your cell phone. Quality and convenience in one amazing audio package is the Experience Audio Video way!

Professional Orange County Audio and Video System Installation

Ready to upgrade your movie watching experience with a custom home theater that includes surround sound audio? Learn more about custom audio features and the importance of sound for your home theater system from the professional team at Experience Audio Video. Contact us today for a free quote.