While installing a custom home theater might not seem like a big deal, it truly is. It pays to have experienced audio/video technicians install your custom home theater. Not only will it ensure your satisfaction with the professional look and feel, but you will be guaranteed all the wiring and electricity issues are performed to Southern California local codes. 

Here are some of the most common issues Orange County homeowners have when it comes to attempting to install a home theater system.

3 Things to Think About When Planning Your Home Theater

  1. What Size Screen Do I Need? – Bigger is not always better when it comes to the screen size of the home theater in your Orange County home. There is actually a precise science when it comes to perfect viewing distances on your big screen. Professional audio/video technicians know that a viewing range of 1.6 x the diagonal measurement of the screen gives the best results for viewing and resolution. 
  2. Location, Location, Location – When planning a custom home theater room, location is a huge concern. Having your home theater in a high-traffic area may result in too much noise and cause the quality of your viewing to be diminished. In addition, locating the room close to children’s rooms may keep them awake at night. Rooms with less windows are best for a high-quality picture and a square/rectangular room has the best acoustics for surround sound. 
  3. Have a Seat – Seating placement is also important. All seats must provide a good view as well as optimal audio for amazing surround sound effects. Choosing your seating first, even before planning your home theater, is the best solution, so you can design the room around the seating for best results. 

The Best Home Theater Installation in Orange County

Professional superior home theater installation by Experience Audio Video, Inc. is the perfect choice for your custom home theater installation in Southern California. We serve customers in the Orange area and would love to give you a free estimate for your new customer home theater. 


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