Outdoor Home Theater

Summer is the perfect time to get outside and enjoy the outdoor living space your Southern California home provides. A Great way to do that is to have an outdoor home theater installed. 

Turn your outdoor living area into an open-air viewing space that is perfect for family gatherings, cozy entertainment options by the fire, and a great way to wind down a cook-out on a warm summer evening.

The team at Experience Audio Video in Orange, CA can help you create the perfect backyard home theater with all the latest outdoor entertainment technology available. With personalized displays, custom speakers, and all the technology needed for your outdoor entertainment system, you’ll be ready for sizzling summer nights of fun at the movies. 

What You Will Need for a Professional Outdoor Theater Installation

  • The Outdoor Display – Technology has come a long way and the new line of outdoor TVs is impressive. In addition to their massive size – some as big as 80 inches – they are also weather ready and can be left outside. Designed to withstand the elements these outdoor displays not only live well outdoors, but they also feature an amazing picture with clear views even in direct sunlight.
  • The Sound System - There are a variety of options for your home when it comes to outdoor speakers. Experience Audio Video can create a custom sound system to meet your needs. Install wall-mounted patio speakers that work flawlessly with your outdoor TV, enjoy the thrill of surround sound, add a weather-proof soundbar for the ultimate audio experience, and listen as the movie comes to life under the stars.
  • Get Connected – Due to the availability of streaming movie sources, you will need a reliable internet connection for your new outdoor home theater. This accessibility also makes your outdoor living area available for all of your favorite online activities outside in the sunshine! 

Plan Your Outdoor Movie Theater Installation Today 

From music and video to lighting, and even pool/spa control, the team at Experience Audio Video can create the perfect outdoor entertaining space for your home…that you can control with your iPad or phone! Contact us today to learn more!


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Outdoor Living in Your California Home With These Smart Home Solutions

Part of the reason we all love living in Southern California so much is because of the amazing weather. Due to the number of beautiful, sunny days in our area, the perfect home would include lots of opportunities for outdoor living, especially in the summer, so we can soak us the California rays and enjoy time outside at our homes.

Thankfully, major advances in audio/video technology and home automation not only allows us to be tech-savvy inside our homes, but also lets us upgrade our outdoor living areas to create some real summer fun!

Here are some ways to create the perfect summer outdoor living space in your Southern California home and inspire you to improve your outdoor living game!

Smart Home Solutions for Your Outdoor Living Space

  • Listen to your favorite music outside from speakers that look like part of your landscaping
  • Add pool and spa control to your home’s automated system and control from your tablet or phone
  • Set the mood with automated outdoor lighting solutions for the perfect ambiance
  • Enjoy a movie, the game, or your favorite TV series on your back yard patio TV or giant movie screen
  • Install security cameras to keep an eye on your pool or hot tub whole children are outside

…and so much more!

Gear Up for an Automated Summer with the Team at Experienced Audio Video in Orange County 

Let the team at Experienced Audio Video in Orange County create the perfect outdoor living space for your home this summer. Enjoy all of the modern conveniences with a wide range of technology solutions that allow you to utilize your outdoor area so that you can spend more time outside enjoying your new tech-savvy surroundings. Relax and let technology take your summer to the next level with Experienced Audio Video, Inc.