Smart devices are so abundant that the term “smart” is worn-out to the point that it is almost meaningless. The term “smart” began several years ago with smartphones and has extended to thermostats, doorbells, alarm systems, and kitchen appliances. Misconceptions about smart homes are dominant and create confusion in the marketplace.

Here are a few misconceptions about smart homes:


Everyone knows that apps are convenient and relatively easy to use. It seems that there is an app for everything generally speaking. Although it sounds too good to be true, it is also too good to pass up for many people. That fact is that apps are not smart, they don’t control anything. In order for them to control anything they must connect to and communicate with a control system. That is what most people don’t understand.


There are so many smart appliances and devices on the market today so it is understandable that the average consumer might think that they actually communicate and work together. That unfortunately is simply not the case. Even if all the smart devices operate using Wi-Fi communications doesn’t mean they will work together. When updates are made to either the hardware or software, functionality may be affected for some period. That is a way of saying the device or system won’t work and there is no way of knowing for how long.


The next myth is that the average person can do it themselves. But unless you are a skilled professional, you shouldn’t take on a smart home project. If you want to use Alexa or Google Assistant virtual assistant software to turn on and off a light, then go for it. But a smart home takes more planning and expertise. 


While professional help is needed for the initial install and setup, the system is easy to manage once it is up and running. Which makes life so much easier for both dealer and customer. Before when smart homes were the new thing, if the cable provider changed something, the homeowner would have to call the dealer or programmer to reprogram the system.




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