We ended the school year last year by doing some sort of distant learning. Now our kids have to start school doing distant learning this year due to the current circumstances. Schools have had more of an opportunity to figure out how to properly do remote learning and virtual classes during the non-existent summer. 

Learning can take many forms, but even with the best technology, settling into the school mindset at home can prove a real challenge. Here are a few tips to help your family balance living, working and learning at home together. 


A lot of us grew up doing homework at the kitchen table while one of our parents made dinner. This was a tried and true method as your parents could answer questions and it got the kids away from toys and televisions.

With remote classes requiring access to a desktop computer, laptop, or tablet and a reliable internet connection, older students may need a full learning center setup. Whereas younger children will only need space for worksheets, art supplies and hands-on-learning tools. A private desk area can make studying easier without the outside distractions.


Sticking to a schedule is helpful for everyone. Working parents will need to be able to plan ahead and children need some of the same boundaries they had when they were still in a typical classroom. 

The school may have a schedule as to when or how homework should be turned in. You should help your child plan out their day and discuss how much time their projects should take. Have them keep a planner to track assignments. They need to be able to take breaks to stand up and move around. 


The entire school system and experience has changed, what it feels like overnight. So, when things don’t feel normal it could be easy to lose motivation and focus. You shouldn’t be discouraged if your child is having a hard time sitting down for hours in front of a computer screen, most adults have the same issue.

It is important to remember that learning is not separate from living and there are a lot of lessons to be learned around us. The boundaries of a classroom are limited to your imagination. There are life skills you can teach your child outside of the classroom.


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