Big audio-visual enthusiasts probably find themselves daydreaming about the ultimate home theater, especially with the global pandemic. You are probably asking yourself; what tv would best display my favorite movie, what sound system would rock the house, or what seats would make me never want to leave? First things first you need to come up with a budget, but if you have an unlimited budget then there is a list for you.


There are a few ways you can go about your home theater screen. You can get a projector and projector screen, or you can get an enormous television screen. For a projector screen you’ll have to choose between a fixed screen or a motorized. 

Samsung has a 98” television that has real 8k resolution and is full HD. It has astounding clarity that has concentrated zones of precision-controlled LEDs displayed with ultra-deep blacks and pure whites. 

Screen Innovations has quite a few options for any budget. Once you figure out if you want a fixed screen or a motorized screen, then you have to decide which size you want. Projector screens come in so many different sizes, so just choose the location you want your screen and we will help you chose the correct size for you.

For projector options there are quite a few, but to get an amazing home theater you would want a Sony projector. They have different options with different features.


After you figure out your screen next you will want to figure out what type of sound you want. You’ll be surprised with the different speakers you could get. Do you want in ceiling or in wall speakers. Do you want round, square or rectangle? 

Sonance has a wide variety of different speakers, not only in shape or location but in size as well. You can get 4”, 6” or 8” in ceiling speakers. They also have a new invisible series that has motion flex technology which is a suite of advancements in invisible speaker engineering for unparalleled acoustic performance from an invisible speaker.


There are different types of equipment you should look into. 

Do you want to control your home theater system from an app? Then you are looking into home automation with either Crestron or Control4, which are leaders in home automation systems. 

For a receiver you’ll want the best and Marantz just released a few 8K receivers, that range in price to fit your budget.

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