Schools have been shut down since before spring making children have to learn remotely. A lot of parents were having the same issue, how can they keep their child’s lives as normal as possible. One solution is that all available rooms with a tv now become usable for work, class, and extracurricular activities. 

 A lot of schools are providing Chromebooks, but kids can’t just sit at the kitchen table or in their rooms because they get antsy. It can also be a distraction to have multiple kids on an interactive call at the same time in the same area.


Using the television in your living will make remote learning seem more personal. Also using a HDMI quickport in the wall will make it where you can hide the HDMI when not in use. You can setup the laptop and connect it to the television via the HDMI quickport.

Music class

A music class is more vibrant on the big tv screen and through the surround sound system that is already installed in your home. 

Dance class

Because of the shutdown of the country all of the kid’s extra-curricular activities have been canceled. Now a lot of extra-curricular activities are doing online alternatives. 

Work from home

Some people still prefer their laptop and monitor for most of their meetings. But for some meetings it is nice to have the large screen. It can be tiring wearing a headset all day long.

Done with class or work?

After the long day of classes or meetings it is simple to shut everything down, just the push of one button. 


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