Everyone loves going to the movie theaters because they have the best surround sound, the big screen, the darkness and popcorn. There is something special seeing the lights dim and the movie starting. The mystery behind the movie magic will always be part of its charm. Today, we are armed with the latest technology that can bring the theater to your home.


You are starting from scratch on your home theater and you have blueprints. You are already one step ahead of the game. You will collaborate with a building contractor and create a custom home theater that fits your style and character of the rest of your property. 

When building from the bottom up, you can plan ahead and include the wiring you’ll need for lighting, audio, video, shades, etc. before the walls are even built. You can even decide if you’d like to mount a retractable projector, cinema quality seats, or add extra sound dampening insulation.


Starting over with an existing garage, attic, basement, or side room will require a bit more creativity and time. You’ll have to look carefully at the room you have chosen to be your home theater. Understanding and optimizing your room’s existing acoustical characteristics will go the furthest toward creating an immersive environment. The placement of windows, walls and other furnishings will significantly impact the acoustics and operation of every component you choose. 

Draw up plans to help avoid any construction challenges before you tear down or into your walls. You’ll want to confirm that the space has enough room to accommodate a 100-120” screen, the throw distance will match your projector to the screen, and can you make the space you chose completely dark when it’s time for the movie to start?


Choosing the right electronic equipment will elevate your movie-watching experience. You don’t need to spend a fortune, but you want to make sure that the equipment you do purchase is going to last and sound great for years to come.


You’ll want to start by looking at the speakers and subwoofer options. Make a budget for all acoustical components you’ll need to gain a three-dimensional audio experience. Every cent spent on a great surround system will be worth it. 

Depending on how you designed your theater room, you may have 5, 7, 9, or 11 speakers and one subwoofer. For a traditional Dolby Digital 5.1 you will need five speakers. You may want a in wall subwoofer that way it will not take up the floor space.


By picking a home theater specialist you won’t have to worry if your projector and your screen will match up, the specialist should be able to figure that out for you. When it comes to the projector screen, you have two options; fixed and retractable. A fixed screen will help everyone’s eyes focus on the picture because they generally have a border around them.

Lighting is the last component. With either Crestron or Contro4’s smart lighting, your home theater’s functionality will be even better. You won’t have to get up to turn on or off the lights before or after your movie.


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