With the intense summer heat can affect more than your outdoor activities. When you don’t have some type of shading installed on the windows on your home the sun can have an unfavorable impact on the indoor environment. If you don’t have some type of shading installed when the sunlight comes through the window it can drive up the temperature in the house. 

There is also damage that can occur from the incoming UV rays. UV rays act as a natural bleaching agent. The natural lighting can cause your upholstery, flooring, and artwork to fade over time. The glare of the sunshine can also be hard on your eyes and health. You will notice it when you are trying to read, watch TV, or get a good night’s sleep. 

Covering the window glass with shades, blinds or draperies is the obvious solution to the sun issue. You will actually need to use the window treatments that you install to realize their full benefits. A study from the U.S. Department of Energy states that at least 75% of window coverings remain in the same position on a daily basis. The reason is because adjusting each shade manually can be a terribly tedious exercise, especially if the windows are hard to reach. 


You can find motorized shades in a wide variety of styles to suit your home décor and the shape and size of your window. Most motorized shading systems can be integrated with smart home devices, like timers and sensors. Using the integrated shading system can leave you out of the equation as you won’t have to remember when to move the shades up or down. 

For the ultimate shade control, you can invest in a compatible home automation system, like Crestron or Control4. That will allow you to sync the lights and thermostats with the movement of the window coverings. For example; when the shades are up during the day exposing the sunlight there is no need to use lamps or other artificial lighting. 

A home automation system can switch all the lights off, close the shades and lock the doors just by pressing one button on your remote. 


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