Spring has come and passed, and we are almost through with Summer. But I am sure you haven’t had any celebrations in your home because of the current world situation. You are probably wanting to go on vacation for the summer and you can’t, so what do you do? You have a staycation! But is your backyard ready for a staycation?

You have the food and the music, but do you have a great outdoor entertainment area with amazing speakers included? Quality speakers can make all the difference when it comes to outdoor spaces without acoustic barriers the sound may just disappear. Triad and Sonance have all-weather landscape solutions that will help make your outdoor space have a beautiful rich audio.


Sonance have a wall mounted speaker called Mariners. The Mariner speakers feature a front mounted terminal connection that makes wiring easier and it protects the speaker terminals against moisture and the elements. When the speaker is mounted it could be easily pivoted to direct the sound where you want it. They will also stay where you position them.

The Mariners come in three sizes, with three performance levels. There is a speaker to suit nearly any outdoor application. Mariners speakers have an all-weather construction that will deliver years of reliable service.


Another speaker that Sonance has is the Visual Performance Extreme speakers. They are constructed for high-humidity areas and can survive extreme temperatures from -30ºF to 175ºF while maintaining superior sound quality. These speakers go in the ceiling, meaning they need to be installed in the ceiling of your patio.


Sonance and Triad have garden array speakers. Garden array speakers are satellite speakers that use a spike to go in the ground. The garden array satellite speakers offer a 150-degree listening area. This allows for a wider speaker placement so you can enjoy surround sound quality outdoors with less speakers. 

Both Sonance and Triad have a garden array subwoofer that is designed for both above ground and in ground. That way the bass can be located exactly where you want it, patio/deck, or in ground by the pool or gazebo.


Are you still confused by the different types of outdoor speakers or if you are interested in developing your outdoor entertainment space, we can help you dreams come true. No matter the speaker you chose we will be here to walk you through your yard renovation for your staycation or celebration.


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