How many remotes do you have to control your equipment in your house? With the technology that we have today your answer should be one, but most people have multiple remotes still. There are a few awesome remotes to consider if you want a smart home. 

The two major brands are Crestron and Control4. With both Crestron and Control4 remotes you can also use your cell phone or iPad. You could get an RTI, URC, or any other universal remote, but you won’t have the same smart features as you would with Crestron or Control4.

Some of the features are; control lighting, thermostats, av equipment, and more just from your couch.


With a Crestron or Control4 system you can control your lighting from your remote, smart phone or iPad. You wouldn’t need to get up from your couch or make sure Alexa could hear you. 


With a Crestron or Control4 system you can use one remote to control all of your av equipment for the living room. Meaning that your receiver, apple tv, cable box, and television will all work with one remote.


Control4 has two different types of touchscreen remotes, the SR-260 and Neeo.

Control4 SR-260

The SR-260 remote has an intuitive button layout perfect for one-handed operation and they are highly customizable. It has a big, bright, high resolution display screen that you can customize the color and the language. The only color it comes in is black.


The Neeo remote for Control4 is a handheld remote that gives you access to the things you use the most. It is Wi-Fi connected for a graphical experience that you can use throughout your home. With a big bright 3.2” high-resolution touchscreen that is customizable using favorites and the control4 mobile app. The Neeo is available in silver and black finishes.








Crestron has both non-touch screen and touchscreen remotes, the TSR-310, HR-310 and the HR-150.

The TSR-310 is an elegant, ergonomic and rugged handheld remote with a 3” color touchscreen, backlight, voice control capability and enhanced Wi-Fi communication. It also senses movement and wakes up the instant you pick it up.

The HR-310 is an elegant, ergonomic and rugged handheld remote with backlit buttons. It has nine buttons that could be custom labeled and assigned to any function. It also senses movement and wakes up the instant you pick it up.

The HR-150 provides a rugged and cost-effective handheld remote. It has 50 backlit buttons, eight of which are customizable. 





 As you can tell there are a lot of differences between the Crestron and Control4 remotes, but there are differences between the models of remotes as well. Give us a call and we can help you pick which remote will work best in your home.


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